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Episode 17: Red Hood

TGC E17 Pic

We could put many things in the description for this episode, but let’s be honest; all you guys want to talk about is the scene where Fish loses her eye!


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3 thoughts on “Episode 17: Red Hood

    1. John Mxyzptlk

      It’s so weird that you all missed the entire point to that scene between Barbara and Selina. It was probably the most obvious foreshadowing that the show has done so far. Barbara was telling a young Selina Kyle, that her sex appeal can be used to get her advantage. Considering the fact that she grows up to be CATWOMAN, obviously Selina will use that advice later in life. Barbara being bi-sexual, was irrelevant to that scene. But that’s the writer’s fault. So far, they’ve done a horrible job with Barbara Gordon’s future mother.


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