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Episode 173

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Another two weeks have gone by and that means more news and reviews from TBU! This time around we find out what is in store for us in January as we discuss the recent solcitations. After in-depth reviews of Batman and Robin Eternal #3-4 and our rundown of the other TBU books, we discuss at length what has been going on in Justice League with Darkseid War. Be sure to leave your comments and suggestions below.


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  • Ian Miller

    Interesting theory about why the fight with the ax-wielders in the kitchen – I reread the scene after Babs hits the attackers with her flashbang, and there’s a whole page of fighting after it goes off. So I’m not sure I buy that the fight ends because Babs scrambles the mind control – furthermore, we still don’t know exactly how Mother’s brainwashing of sleeper agents works, and I’m not convinced it’s a nanite technology that can be scrambled. But perhaps you’re correct – I just don’t think it was well conveyed in the art and writing.

    In terms of the lack of Snyder comments, you asked us not to! 🙂

    Totally agree that the shift between Seeley writing Stephanie and Orlando writing her was very jarring. It’s funny listening to this episode right after finishing the review for issue #5 of Eternal, where a lot of the speculation is answered (and new ones started).

  • Ian Miller

    Oh, also, you could call the revamped Spotlight section Gotham Quick Takes or something like that.

  • Adam Pearson

    The more that you guys interact on the podcast becomes the better it is! I think that it is great when everyone gives their takes on the news, as well as the up and down votes on the other non featured books. This podcast works when the three of you are talking feels like I get to drop in and talk comics with my friends.

    Maybe you can call the spot light the Bat-Signal?