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Episode 174

TBUCP E174 Pic

The comic cast is here and Dustin, Ed and Stella discuss the latest news from the past two weeks including talking in depth about the sales numbers for September. Reviews this time around include Batman #46, Detective Comics #46 and Batman Eternal #5-6. After covering the other books from The Batman Universe we give the new name options for the spotlight. Be sure to head to the Facebook group to vote for your favorite. And leave your comments below for us to review on the next episode.


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  • I vote for a return of the bloopers. That is always a fun way to end an episode

  • Bill Heuer

    Ed, I think the significance of the suit of armor in Endgame is contained in that story to some degree and won’t spill over into Superheavy.
    Here’s my interpretation: In the play that the suit of armor was going to be used in, the god Apollo comes down at the end to save everyone in a “deus ex machina”. By the end of Endgame, Batman (mythic/godlike to the people of Gotham) saves the city and everyone in it from the Joker but still [Spoilers] “dies” in the fight. In the final panel, we see the suit of armor in a trash bin with other garbage. Bruce had talked about gods descending from the heavens as terrifying but he actually was a “god”, in a way, that came down to rescue Gotham. In the end, he immortalized himself by dying just like everyone else (hence the untarnished armor among the normal garbage in the trash bin).
    Like I said, just my interpretation!

    As far as who Mr. Bloom is, Corbin had a great theory and that looks like who it’ll be. Although I loved Stella’s theory on why it should be the Joker and it makes perfect sense!

    Great podcast as usual everyone.