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Episode 175

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Comic Cast is here and stuffed from Thanksgiving and ready to dive into TBU by the Numbers for October. We also discuss the solicitations coming in February as well as give in depth reviews of Batman and Robin Eternal #7-8 and Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1. Be sure to leave your thoughts on the books and the episode for us to discuss next episode.


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  • Terry Hughston

    Hey guys, great episode as usual! Just a few thoughts, though, that I wanted to share:

    First, I have a potential answer to the question about how to color on the coloring book variant covers and the coloring book collected editions. DC also announced through a couple of outlets (although not in their solicitations) that they were collaborating with art supply manufacturer (Sargent Art) to put out a special “DC Comic Exclusive Set” of colored pencils that basically just look like colored pencils with a special logo on them. I presume you could order with your purchase of the variant colors or that might be available in your LCS even though they weren’t part of the official solicitations. Bleeding Cool ran an article about it and you can also find them available through several online retailers that I’l link below. So, my guess is that they are being printed on some sort of paper that colored pencils would work on unless these are special in some way and will be the only thing that works on the paper they use rather than just being a licensed set of regular colored pencils.



    Also, I’m really glad that people seem to like the TBU by the Numbers stuff. I did want to point out though, that DC really only did badly in October comparatively, either compared to Marvel (which is what most people usually do) or compared month to month. However, they did actually do better in terms of number of issues sold and money made off those issues pretty much just based on the sales of the Eternal issues. And like you mentioned, I agree with the take-away from October being that new number ones (especially when you can bundle together a lot of them and call it something special) are what really drives comic book sales these days and I wouldn’t be surprise if DC adopts this pattern more often in the future.

    • Terry Hughston

      Also, on the list of things I know will likely never come back to the TBU, I’d put the .5-cast and the Villain Wall above a bloopers reel. Haha.

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  • Dustin Fritschel

    From Bob M:

    Just wanted to tell you guys first and foremost thanks for keeping it real, as always. It’s refreshing to hear you hummus not just bow down to DC’s company line ( not that I’m saying you guys ever did, I just mean some “fanpeople” are so apt to just call it canon, law, gospel, whathaveyou) I continue to be surprised by how interesting I find the sales discussion. I think this information is just really telling, maybe the best barometer we have as to what’s going on behind the scenes at DC and why certain decisions get made. While the immediate takeaway when considering DKRIII is to assume money grab, especially with all the special editions, “varying chromated covers” for the Mallrats fans, I actually rest enjoyed the first issue and found Kubert’s take on Miller’s style very cool and the showcasing of Kerri in the Batsuit to be a very realistic move. Personally, I think the myth of DKR has taken on a larger role than the book ever did. While it certainly influenced a lot of the next, well honestly still influences what we see in the Bat Universe today, the book itself has never been in my top ten. But this feels like a pretty legitimate continuation where as Strikes Again almost get like Miller playing a joke.

    As far the the rest of the DC numbers, I think you guys are nailing it. Editorial has just lost the line that defines interest and good storytelling. It’s just not there and they’re in a really difficult place (interestingly that a lot of businesses experience) where they went out on a limb and they’re finding that that limb is about to snap. While Marvel, for s lot of better but also their share of worse (and it’s still s little early to tell as delays are messing them up right now too: Secret Wars still not finished with some of their new books on issue 3 and 4) has been able to draw a pretty interesting new line of standard, mixing enough of the old stuff and pairing it with new for some pretty cool combinations, DC is giving off nothing so much as a hard feeling of backstepping into familiarity…which is also stagnant. It’s tough to watch because if they were to try and pull another reboot lever, or even try a “crisis” to try and re/establish some status (you KNOW that’s crossed their minds) they’ll be seen as completely faithless in their current stable. I don’t know what DC will look like in a year but I doubt that any of the books I’m reading from DC ( a rapidly dwindling list) will even still be on the shelves.

    Lastly, despite the artistic issues, I think B&R: Eternal is a pretty bright light in DC’s darkness. The story is intriguing and unfolding st s pretty good pace. And while the danger of any story on this scale is that too much retconning can try and overshadow what’s come before, I actually feel the tack their taking is really original and has got me really intrigued. How would ANY of the Bat Family feel if they found out that Bruce had influenced events to get them into his hands. What if that goes as far as he set it up to have their families attacked or killed? I hope they play this right and go really hard because it has the potential to be one of he best Bat stories in s long time. Unlike the bait and switch “fooled you! It was really… The whole time!” Ending we got from Eternal last year.

    Thanks again guys. If you’ve read this far, I. Appreciate your patience. Looking forward to the rest of DKR and Eternal.. If not much else from Gotham and it’s Finest at the moment.

  • Owl Man

    Hey, guys! I heard the holidays bring scarce comments, so I thought I’d finally leave one myself.

    First, I love that this podcast exists. Absolutely no one else I know reads comics, except, for some reason, the 80’s and 90’s. And I’m actually enjoying the current era the most. I’ve been blown away by Batwoman (where IS she???) and just about EVERYTHING by Tomasi. So thank you all for giving me someone to share with.

    Dustin, I can hear you rolling your eyes with each Marvel reference made by your fellow cohosts….and, frankly, I roll mine in unison. Sigh.

    And finally….if we can’t have a Blooper reel, can we at least get a tacked-on segment chronicling the amount of times you say ‘specifically’ throughout the episode? That would make my day!

    I really love the podcast, and your discussions are something I look forward to almost as much as reading the books themselves.

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  • Don

    I’m not really sure why you guys are so insistent that Bruce Wayne cannot possibly be dead. I mean this is an else world’s tale, it doesn’t really matter or affect anything whatsoever.

    In DKR Bruce was 55. If this story is 10 to 15 years later, he’s about 70.

    Also with the artwork looking like Miller, I have to imagine that is credit to Klaus Janson’s inking since he into the original book and did the majority of the artwork in chapter 4 of DKR

  • Ian Miller

    I thought the discussion was pretty solid this time through – and Dustin picked up on my Marvel reference in my review! (That was for you, Stella. :). I thought that Martinez actually captured a bit of J. H. Williams III’s amazing artistry from Batwoman in the layout there – the mirrored format, the intricacy of the ballet, the emotional details of the hands touching and the facial expressions – it was masterful, and definitely a huge highlight of the Eternal series.

    This is partially a question for Batgirl to Oracle, but generally Stella stays away from speculation and spoilers on her show (at least, that’s my impression), so I thought I’d ask here – now that the solicitation and cover for Batgirl #50 has been released, what are your thoughts on the major change to the status quo for that title? The inclusion of Stephanie Brown and Harper Row on the cover of #50 (though I speculate it’s a fake cover, just like the cover for #45 two months ago) and Brenden Fletcher’s hints on Twitter that there are more guest stars might indicate one of two things, in my mind: A Team Batgirl/Birds of Prey book, with Babs, Frankie, Dinah, Cass, Harper, and (of course!) Steph, or launching Batgirl Eternal late next year (though both might actually happen, come to think of it). Thoughts? Hopes? Do not want?