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Episode 176

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The latest Comic Cast is here and after covering the news we talk about a new rumor that DC is looking to replace Scott Snyder? Could it be true? Probably not, but we discuss why the rumor is out there along with discussing some of his recent tweets regarding the future of his role within Gotham. The books covered with in-depth reviews include Batman #47 and Batman and Robin Eternal #9-10. After covering Gotham’s Finest, we get to Listener Q&A’s and discuss the location of Batwoman, and why the .5 cast won’t be returning any time soon. Be sure to leave your comments below for the next episode. We will be back in three weeks, so have a great holiday and we will see you in 2016!


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  • Gerry Green

    Another terrific Podcast, thanks guys.

    I agree with your comments about things looking up for TBU. Though I am not a fan of the Robo-Bat concept itself, literally rebooting Bruce Wayne and Joker is a great idea. Batman had grown into such a single-mindedly grim character I really wasn’t able to enjoy it. Now though I am hopeful that Bruce is going to get a sense of innocence and hopefulness instilled in him.

    I’m assuming Joker had a similar ‘rebirth’ however they decide to explain it. Maybe Joker will lose the filthy Hannibal Lecter part of his personality (which really turns me off) while still being the biggest Big-Bad out there. It should be interesting watching both their natural personalities manifest as the story continues. This is really promising.

    I am also very happy with the situation with the Robins and it will be interesting to see how they react when Bruce is back in the cowl. How will a more lighthearted Bruce interact with Damian as Robin? Will that team still work? Bruce and Duke Thomas are developing a very interesting relationship, are they the future Dynamic Duo? If so, what happens to Damian? So many questions and so many interesting ways they can go, I can’t wait to see what is in store for us.

    I also really like how they are developing Duke Thomas. He is getting some real world fighting experience and has been thinking he was pretty bad ass. But in We Are Robin #7 when he witnesses the physical prowess of Jason and Tim he finally understands what it will take to be a real Robin. Hopefully this is the beginning of Duke taking the concept of Robin more seriously. There is also an interaction between Duke and Damian in the prison cell which might be the beginning of them working together more. It could be fun: the self-absorbed cocksure Damian playing off the more serious team-minded Duke.

    On the topic of Robins, you guys make a great point about Tim and Jason being terrific together. They should have their own book, they work together so well.

  • Albert Valadez

    Hey guys another great pod,

    As I have commented before, I’m a fan of Snyder I think he has written some very solid arcs, but In no way do i feel he is infallible as one of you guys seems to believe *cough cough* Ed. I just think the defense that his book is continually a top book every month is invalid, its batman for godsake, Batman right now hands down is one of the top two or three comic book characters in pop culture right now, this website and podcast was around before scott snyder, because its batman not because snyder brought him to the masses, some may argue Christopher Nolan has a bigger hand in batman’s recent popularity than anyone else. I just feel as though snyder apologists seem to always point to the numbers, which I think would be high anyway, don’t get me wrong snyder has done a good job and has not steered the ship into an iceberg.

    I must say these long stories arcs are a bit annoying albeit well written, I just feel like theres alot of filler lately to be quite honest. I was not pleasantly surprised/shocked to see Joker pop up in the last page of issue 47, and most people if their honest with themselves can’t say they didnt expect a joker appearance in this arc.

    Dustin I may just be you on steroids because I tend to agree with you on most things but I tend to have a bit more radical view. For example when did Harper Row become more important than damian, is it because snyder doesnt like writing damian thus tynion is force feeding us this annoying character in the pages of Batman & ROBIN eternal, we are almost at the halfway point of this series and still no damian in a series that literally has Robin in the title and still no sign of the current Robin. Harper Row is being shoved in our faces whether we like it or not, a character who has no extensive combat training whatsoever; and oh by the way you know that character all you batfans love who we have yet to give a fair shake post flashpoint who was good with tech Tim Drake, yea she’s better than him at tech also. Give me a break.

    If DC has really decided to go with story over continuity, why are Snyder story elements infecting everyone else’s work except Geoff Johns.

    I know I may come off as a bit strong in my opinions on this subject and I have left you comments regarding Snyder in the past, it just can get annoying at times. I really do like Snyder’s work, I truly believe that he is one of the top writers in the game right now. I think he just may need to be reigned in a bit.

    Sorry for the long comment, and I promise I’m not the real life personification of the Simpsons comic book guy… Ed your the man, i wasn’t attacking you I promise, Stella/Josh Bertone, and Dustin keep up the good fight.

  • Ab

    Funniest thing I’ve ever heard, “Who wouldn’t mind a crack at Wonder Woman?”. Ummmm….
    Regarding Mr Bloom, I’m guessing it’s the kid that died in #44. He died but he came back…