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Episode 180

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Dustin, Ed and Stella are back with coverage of the past two weeks of news and reviews including Detective Comics #48 and Batman and Robin Eternal #14-15. After taking a look at the Greater Gotham books, we dive head first into a slew of listener comments and discuss things from should Damian acknowledge the death and return of his father? And should was that hug from Eternal #13 more important than Dustin made it out to be? All this and a whole lot more on the latest episode of the Comic Cast. Be sure to leave your thoughts below.


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  • Evan G

    I know it’s bad that Damian is Bruce’s son and hasn’t interacted with him at all since he died and came back with amnesia, but (to my knowledge) Tim Drake hasn’t reacted either. His origin is crap in the DCYou52, but he should still have enough respect for Bruce that when the man dies, he reacts. Bruce still trained Tim and at least partially raised him. The old Tim Drake would’ve been desperately searching for his adopted father, even if they’d had a falling out. Damian is his biological son, but Tim Drake is the heir to the mantle of the Detective.

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