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Episode 182

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Two weeks has gone by and we still don’t know what Rebirth is? Or do we? Rumors surrounding the reveal have it being announced soon after we recorded this episode. But despite this, we are here to bring you the news we do know. Scott Snyder announces that he is leaving Batman, but was that a surprise at this point? We review Batman #49, Detective Comics #49 and Batman and Robin Eternal #18-19. Greater Gotham, The Bat Signal and we finally get around to sales numbers from December happen in this episode. Enjoy the calm before Rebirth is announced (or at least before we dissect the announcement). Be sure to leave your thoughts below.


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  • Ian Miller

    I totally agree with you all about Catwoman – a really strongly written run, obviously cut short, and either the editors or Tieri are really playing a dirty game of “wreck as much as possible of the previous run.” I can’t wait until they drag Eiko out and have her arrested or hospitalized for kicks. I am surprised that the art has been so solid, though – Inaki’s previous work on Birds of Prey in 2010 was incredibly terrible, but it’s sleek in Catwoman. I’m not sad the title’s cancelled, though.

    I thought that Alfred’s dialogue in Batman #49 was too direct – Alfred’s generally been fairly British and reserved – I fully believe that he feels incredibly deeply for Bruce as a father figure, but I do not accept that he would blurt out “Son” when arguing with Bruce, even in this circumstance. But I did think that Snyder developed a really nice climax to the Julie/Bruce relationship, and their farewell was very affecting. I’m hoping that she survives the arc, since they’ve been fairly elegant about how her relationship with Bruce will end (and I don’t think you’ll find a Batman writer alive who thinks that Batman can be happy in a relationship. I disagree with them all, but I haven’t found one yet.)

    I really wish circumstances would align so you could review the Eternal issues in arcs again. The two you reviewed this week are really low points of the run – but I think #20 closed Tim Seeley’s issue well (obviously, given my rating ;). I don’t think it’s as bad as Eternal year one – I still feel a sense of momentum, and character moments have been pretty solid. I just hope that Steve Orlando has a significantly stronger arc leading into the conclusion than his first two issues…

  • Gerry Green

    Terrific podcast guys.

    As a big Harley Quinn fan (could you tell?), I have to agree with a lot of what you are saying about her saturation.

    I enjoy Conner and Palmiotti’s work but I’d love to see different interpretations of Harley. I get the feeling that C&P get spread a little thin and there is usually one really good HQ issue a month and the rest are just average or worse. Harley’s appearance in Suicide Squad generally doesn’t do it, I’m more interested in characters and relationships rather than sprawling fight scenes so the big team books aren’t my thing. Having her pop into a panel and say something ditsy or risque and then mow down a bunch of baddies with a machine gun made out of bubble gum or whatever isn’t what I like about the character. I want to see her more like she was in Injustice: Gods Among us. Her interactions between Black Canary and Green Arrow were the bulls eye for me: impossibly crazy, violent, fun loving, careless and desperate to love and be loved.

    Since she is such a big seller DC could try out different writers and artists on some minis and see if something sticks, just having her on the cover sells books. I skeptically look forward to all of her appearances in April, though there is a lot of Conner and Palmiotti and I worry. Fingers crossed on the Suicide Squad April Fool’s special.

  • Hey guys. I started listening to the podcast back in July and I’ve really enjoyed the show. Keep up the good work. I first got introduced to comics back in the late 80’s early 90’s so I’m a big fan of the Tim Drake Robin. I understand Ed’s frustration, but I don’t think killing the character is necessarily the right way to go. By now we’ve all heard more information about Rebirth and I’m doing my best to keep optimistic about DC righting the ship. I do really like the way Tim is portrayed in the Arkham games. What direction do you think they should go with Tim in Rebirth? #teamdickandkori Sorry Stella.

  • Dustin Fritschel

    From Joel:

    On Jason Fabok’s FB page he included artwork for the the upcoming WonderCon and noted ” It’ll be fun to do the show and hear everyone’s reaction to all the big news that *may* come out of it!”

    Do you think that he might be getting to do a batbook? He is currently on Justice League (the only reason I am purchasing it) and I have been hoping he would replace Capullo/go back to more regular TBU work. Do you want him to get that gig (and, if not, who would be your top choices)?

    Thanks for your podcasts, time, and thoughts