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Episode 184

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With only a week in between episodes, we don’t have any news to cover. But our listeners did not disappoint with leaving plenty of things for us to talk about! After reviewing Detective Comics #50 and Batman and Robin Eternal #23-24, we dive into Greater Gotham and have a discussion about The Killing Joke and how it pertains to a specific page in Batgirl #49. Rebirth is the main center of discussion through The Bat Signal before we round out the episode. Be sure to keep leaving those comments for us to discuss on future episodes!


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3 thoughts on “Episode 184

  1. derek green

    I really like your guys content. Do you guys just discuss Batman comic books or like movies and everything. Anyway I returned to comic book about 9 months ago. And of course I went to my true comic book love Batman. But I have been thinking of starting a discussion podcast about all the batman content ive been reading, like Snyder and cappullo’s run from start to finish , plus all the stuff I missed in the past. And rereading things. What do you guys think?

    1. Dustin Fritschel Post author

      This cast specifically deals with the comics, but we have other feeds that deal with other elements of The Batman Universe. Sounds like a cool idea, but not sure how we would be of help since we already produce something similar.


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