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Episode 185

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In this special, raw and uncut episode, Dustin and Ed watch the DC Rebirth live stream and give their immediate reactions to the latest announcements regarding not only The Batman Universe, but the entire line. Be sure to leave your thoughts on the announcments for us to discuss on the next episode!


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  • Evan G

    I’m finally excited about Rebirth. After following the books through this podcast and written reviews, I will actually be reading Detective Comics monthly as long as it’s good. From looking closely at the image of Tim on the cover, he’s still going by Red Robin (there are two “R’s”), but just the fact that he’s working with Bruce, something he hasn’t really done for five years, is exciting.
    Question though:
    As this is not a “reboot” as far as origins go, which origin story do you think will they be referencing for Tim, if they are to reference one?
    A) Lonely Place of Dying
    B) Terrible Scott Lobdell Origin # 1 (Teen Titans 0)
    C) Terrible Scott Lobdell Origin #2 (Secret Origins #3)

  • Michael DeLozier

    What’s missing is Alfred’s hand…

    • Evan G

      Alfred’s Hand Rebirth #1 Coming April 1st 2016…. Kidding

  • Very nice commentary! I’m pretty excited for all of the Batman Universe titles, and Wonder Woman.

  • Doug

    Another great podcast (although I missed Stella). It appears that Tim Drake is going to still be Red Robin after Rebirth. Why do y’all think he’s going back to the standard Robin color scheme? Second, I like what the creative team is going to be doing on Wonder Woman with one issue a month being a current continuity story and the other issue being a Year One. I personally think it would be interesting if the other twice monthly books did a similar thing, maybe one issue a month being a continuity story and the other being a Year One or even an elseword story. Your thoughts? Lastly, I noticed Brian Azzarello was absent from any of the creative teams that were announced. Is he done with DC following Dark Knight 3 or do you think he might be on one of the unannounced creative teams? Again, great podcast and keep up the good work.