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Episode 186

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After another five Wednesday month, the gang is back to cover all of the happenings from the comic part of The Batman Universe. This would include the DC Rebirth announcement as well as sales from February 2016. Batman and Robin Eternal comes to an end with our review of #24-26 and the special oversized ending to Batman: Superheavy in Batman #50. Be sure to leave your comments below!


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  • Munch Screamer

    Thank God, Eternal is over. Please DC, never do that again. It really felt like none of the writers had a compelling story to tell and so there was an air of why bother about the whole thing. I gave up around issue 18 and instead I listened to the podcast to see if I was missing anything. Needless to say, I never jumped back in. Thank you for taking the bullet so I didn’t have to!

    Has there been any news on how the twice monthly releases will affect the trades? Might we get a new trade every three months? Now that I would love. Of course with DC’s strange need to keep the trade waiter waitng, who knows when the first trade will be released. They say the gap between the last issue and release of the trade is to help the stores but still the stores hate DC but love Image, who release trades after a month. Come on DC take my money, if I have to wait who knows, something else might come along and take it instead, such as an Image trade!

    Do you think it is time for DC to accelerate their trade releases? And what does the twice monthly release schedule mean for the podcast?

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  • Bill Heuer

    I’d like to see Snyder write crazy, cool stories but just make it an “out of continuity” story. I know that’s not what Rebirth is about but this All Star title will be the anomaly with pricing so why not just make it the oddball when it comes to continuity as well?
    Also, why..why Duke Thomas in two main Bat-books? Especially one that doesn’t seem to only involve Batman’s rogues gallery…I mean, is he going to be in the trunk of the car in this End of times/Mad Max Batman/Two-Face story? It just surprises me that Snyder would even want to bring side characters into his book given its going to be this big exploration into Batman and his dark demons that are personified through his villains.
    Overall, I’m looking forward to Rebirth. I’d love to hear your predictions on what brings about the event.