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Episode 187

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The Comic Cast is back with coverage of the past month of news and reviews. What does the new Young Animal imprint from DC mean for TBU? What were the top books from March? Has there been any new info released for Rebirth? All this and in-depth reviews for Detective Comics #51, Batman #51 and Dark Knight III: The Master Race #4 are featured in this episode. Be sure to leave your thoughts below!


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  • Munch Screamer

    Seeing as how you asked for opinions on whether to continue reviewing Dark Knight III…… of course you should continue reviewing it! I also have a feeling that Batman is about to take on a more central role so that should keep Dustin on side.

  • Gerry Green

    Regarding Batman 66, according to my local comic book store they never had to worry about ordering too many issues of the old title because they were all single story books and there would always be a kid or parent that would buy them even months after they were released.

    With the Man From UNCLE mini that isn’t the case, it is a continuing story.

    I wonder if the markets that this title serves (kids too young for the other Batman titles, and old nostalgic guys like me) are more strategically important than just the pure sales numbers. So even if sales are low they will keep it going.

    I’m not sure how the economics of the digital to comics to trade sales effect the publishing decision. Batman 66 must be an unusual case because apparently even though the monthly book sales are modest DC thinks they can make money off the franchise as a whole.

    Personally I like the Man from Uncle series more than the original Batman 66, I have added it to my monthly hard copy pull list. Good story, very funny, and turns the cheese factor up to eleven…I haven’t seen Batman attacked by a purple octopus in a while and forgot how fun that was.

  • Terry Hughston

    I have to say that I thought Batman #51 was the perfect end to the Snyder/Capullo run. I went back and read issue #1 again with #51 and they work so nicely together. I almost wonder if Snyder didn’t write the script for #51 years ago and just have it sit in a drawer for a while until they were ready to end their time on the title with a few edits here and there to incorporate a few different story points. Probably not, but that is how well the two worked together as a whole. There was a lot of Snyder “putting the toys back in the box” in this issue too, with Batman, Gordon, and Alfred all getting those moments.

    And while I’ve mentioned this before, I think Alfred got such short shrift during the Super Heavy/Eternal 2 storylines. He even just kinda disappeared from the We Are Robin title where he had been the one orchestrating things at the beginning of that title (something that wasn’t mentioned at all in Robin War either, by the way). What was even the point of cutting off his hand? Was he just moping around the mansion during Super Heavy until Bruce broke into his room towards the end of the arc? Did he not want to try to provide some kind of support to the Bat Family during Eternal? We all have characters that we are upset about when they are completely left out of stories for no apparent reason, but I feel like Alfred has been getting that a lot lately even outside of Snyder stuff. He was more of a presence during Knightfall when he wasn’t even there because his absence had consequences. Even Batman Beyond has more Alfred in it because of the computer AI system. It just baffles my mind sometimes that writers and creators who seem to have such a good grasp on the character of Batman could so misunderstand (or worse, just ignore) other parts of the mythos.

    Also, just a quick note about the “ambiguous Fall” schedule for Rebirth. Most of these titles at least have definite months for their release if not specific days yet. All-Star Batman, which you mentioned a few times, is set for August.

  • Dustin Fritschel

    From Bob:

    Hey guys. For what it’s worth, I think one reason I make sure to tune in every month is because you guys hold the line for us, let us know what to pursue and what’s no good. And I for one take your opinions about Batman seriously. So please keep covering DKIII. Even if it sticks to this schedule and is still running when Justice League part 2 hits theaters;

    Also Dustin, I think Gerard way would be frustrated (or is that amused) by the fact that you cite him as the lead singer of Fall Out Boy, as he is the lead singer of My Chemical Romance…although when I really stop and think about it there’s probably not too huge a difference as to who gets behind either of those bands (not me for the record)

    Thanks as always. Ed, WicDiv is amazing, agreed.

  • Bill Heuer

    Despite it not feeling like a Batman-focused story, I do think it is important that Dark Knight III is still discussed. The universe as a whole offers interesting possibilities and thats what I’m holding out for.

    As far as Red Hood following Rebirth, I really hope he returns to being a true anti-hero. I want him to go back to killing criminals and fighting Batman like he did with Dick and Damian when they were Batman and Robin. The whole undercover thing just does not hold any interest for me…especially after Batman and Robin Eternal.

    Regarding Batman #51, I personally thought it was a great send-off issue but I think the emotional pull was lessened because Snyder isn’t really leaving Batman. He’s still very much connected so it doesn’t even really feel like he’s “saying goodbye”. Had DC held off on announcing All Star Batman or launched it a year from now, this issue would have felt like a definitive farewell from Snyder/Capullo. I understand why they wanted to make sure people knew Snyder was sticking around but I think putting him on a completely different character outside TBU would have been the smarter move. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Snyder’s Batman stories (another vote for Death of the Family here, Ed) but I think his All Star Batman story would have had a much bigger impact had it released after a year or so of a Snyder-less Gotham.

    Any thoughts/predictions on how Rebirth will come about?

    Great podcast as always!