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Episode 189

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Rebirth is underway and we have two of the new titles in Batman and Detective Comics to review. What did we think of the first two issues for The Batman Universe as part of Rebirth? Find out as we dive into the past two weeks worth of comics. Be sure to leave your comments below for the next episode!


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7 thoughts on “Episode 189

  1. Donovan Morgan Grant

    I agree with Stella and Ed, I prefer “Black Bat” for Cassandra’s costumed identity. It was uniquely her own.

    I’m hoping the acceptance letter Tim got was for college because he HAS to be college aged now. Especially if Damian has been aging at least two or three years. And correct me if in wrong but doesn’t Stephanie know who Batgirl is? I thought there was an issue or two where they both were together out of costume.

    1. Ian Miller

      I agree with you about Black Bat. Much cooler name (and costume) than the new one. But the writing for her in Tec was really solid. And Tynion has promised not to have a silly plot about psychically learning English, so that’s hopeful.

      Tim was 16 in Batman and Robin Eternal, and Steph was 17 in Batman Eternal, so I don’t think it’s college unless they’re going with “genius must attend college early,” even though Tim never actually graduated high school in Red Robin before Flashpoint (at least, I don’t think he did).

      I’m with you, Don – I think Steph knows Babs’s identity, but Stella has read carefully and disagrees. Until they say one way or another, I’m guessing we won’t know for sure. They were together out of costume at the police station, and Babs was making comments about her identity, but there was never a direct moment where Babs said, “Stephanie, I am Barbara Gordon.”

  2. Mark Lemke

    I really enjoyed the podcast. In reference to my last comment I used an article that talked about Rebirth having a longterm plan. I remember you guys having worries about the longterm story plan for Rebirth, as do many DC fans (including myself). I understand the article I linked was an Editorial and it wasn’t an attempt to counter your feelings on Rebirth so far. I was hoping the article would have eased some worries. I’m also in the same boat as Stella. I’m keeping my self guarded, but so far so good for DC Rebirth. I also find myself worrying about the future, but right now I can only enjoy the here and now. Some things that keep me excited about DC is allowing creators to be more creative and signing creators to exclusive deals, while allowing them to do their creator owned titles. Anyways have a great week and what titles in July/August are you looking forward to the most?

  3. Ian Miller

    I totally sympathize with Stella with regards to being wary – though unlike Don and Stella, I really disliked the Batgirl of Burnside run, so I’m mostly happy that what is going on in being shaken up (though I have to say, the previews for Batgirl haven’t really gotten me excited about anything). Detective Comics really feels like the heir to the two Eternal series, and as a big fan of those two series, that’s really good news for me. If you didn’t enjoy those, I’m guessing that it’s much more “meh,” but I think Tynion has a solid handle on his characters and plot, and hopefully the art teams will be more consistent than in the weekly comics – the first issue, at least, was really solid.

  4. Donovan Morgan Grant

    Also not to put too fine a point on it (as this isn’t something worth continuing as a talking point) but again with the presumed seduction of the first six months of the new 52 I feel I merely have to point to the first issues of Batgirl, Catwoman and Red Hood and the Outlaws to illustrate our thoughts at the time. Because our disdain for those issues were almost podcasts in themselves

  5. Dave

    Pretty sure the letter in detective was from Bruce saying something like “I’m forming a special team in Gotham and would like you to join. Come to this location for more details”

    That’s was how I read it at least since the issue was very heavy handed with the ‘boot camp’ concept.

    1. Ian Miller

      This weeks’ Detective indicates that it’s actually an acceptance to Ivy University’s Genius Grant program. But I did read it the same way you did two weeks ago. 🙂

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