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Episode 190

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After yet another five Wednesday month, the comic cast is back with coverage of everything from the past three weeks. In a surprise twist, there is actually news to discuss in addition to in depth reviews for Dark Knight II #5, Batman #1 and Detective Comics #935. Be sure to leave your thoughts and comments below!


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  • Donovan Morgan Grant

    Glad to hear praise all around for Detective. Currently it’s my favorite ongoing comic book right now, and that’s entirely prejudicial on the fact that it panders to my fanboy sensibilities. It’s a great thing to see Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake, MY Batman and Robin, working together in like, what – ten years at this point? The scene where Bruce reaffirms Tim’s place in the Bat-Family as “Robin” works for both new 52 continuity but pre-Flashpoint as well. Tim was always the most solitary of Bruce’s partners in that he had his own solo series of adventures for over fifteen years. And remembering how Tim was even more estranged after RIP when Damian replaced him, this scene felt like coming back home after a decade of estrangement with Tim Drake.

    That’s also how I feel about Tim and Steph being in a relationship, although the confusion in regards to “WHEN” this happened is perfectly understandable. The way I see it is that Rebirth is folding things back into place, either consciously or unconsciously. Aquaman and Mera are now married (like they should be), Oliver and Dinah are together again (like they should be) and Tim and Steph are together for the first time since waaayy back after War Games where they were apart after she was thought to have died. They were separated all throughout their stints and Red Robin and Batgirl, so to me, again, this feels like we’re coming out of that bad place. But then I think about talking with Stella about my trepidations with Babs and Luke Fox getting together randomly, and I’m brought back down to earth a bit. I still love Tim and Steph together, but it does begs something of an explanation. In any case, it looks as though Tim’s virginity has finally been taken by Stephanie, as it was always meant to. There was a big thing five years ago as to what was going to happen with that, to the point where Tim’s nearly raped by a female villain in Red Robin and saved by Black Bat. Fun times…

    • Ian Miller

      Haha, I remember those conversations on the message boards about the Boy Virgin. I thought something supposedly happened in Teen Titans with Tim and other girls, though (another reason I don’t like reading Teen Titans in general, as I think they tend to really skew characterization).

  • Dustin Fritschel

    From Bob:

    I want to have a serious conversation. About the use of “Jazz Hands” to explain the literately trick putting Tim and Stephanie together. I’m using that from now on: “Jazz Hands!! You didn’t see!!!l” thanks Dustin

  • I recently discussed this with Tom Panarese on BTO, but I wanted to hear your opinions as well, since it is relevant to Detective Comics: Is Batman sexist? We have seen Batman treat women on his team less fairly than his male counterparts (Batgirl in the Silver Age, Steph as Robin disobeying once and getting booted, and now we see in Detective that he doesn’t fully trust Batwoman). Is this symptomatic of the Silver Age (and possibly the Golden Age of comics), or does Batman believe that it is more of a boys club until you can prove your worth?

    • Donovan Morgan Grant

      I think there’s unquestionably a degree of sexism with the character in Pre-Crisis, and even Post-Crisis. Chuck Dixon in our interview with him said that if he were allowed to have Steph be Robin way earlier when he wanted, Batman would treat her differently because she was a girl directly under his charge.

      I think it makes sense. Growing up on his own surrounded by a lot of male-lead masters and trainers and rarely letting himself get involved in serious relationships, I can see Bruce’s mentality towards women to be a bit immature. That’s not to say it completely fuels his hesitation in dealing with Babs as Batgirl or Huntress because I buy into Batgirl Year One’s take of him not believing in her conviction. And with Huntress, that was by and large owed to her lethal nature in fighting crime. She openly and repeatedly mocked his no-killing rule, and he found her to be too unstable to properly fight crime. So I actually think in regards to the Huntress during the 90s, he had more understandable reasons for not trusting her that weren’t simply because she was a woman. And grew to respect Barbara a great deal, especially when she remade herself as Oracle. Then there’s Cassandra, who he trusts completely as a crime-fighter but doesn’t trust her enough to hang around with the wrong crowd like Superboy. In that way, and in the way he treats Babs and later Stephanie (both also were untrained), there’s a patriarchal nature where he doesn’t treat them the same way he treats his wards in Dick, Jason or Tim.

      TL;DR I think there’s an element to sexism to his character, but it’s not an overriding quality. Like, it’s a factor of varying sizes from character-to-character, but it’s still a common denominator. I do think with Huntress though it wasn’t sexism as much as he really did not trust her. He also didn’t know her secret identity like Tim and later Dick did.