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Episode 192

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Despite a rather large event taking place in San Diego in the past two weeks, news is light and Comic Con is in the rearview mirror as we speed into another great set of reviews for both Batman and Detective Comics. After talking about some of the new Rebirth titles, we dive into a great group of questions to discuss from the listeners. Be sure to leave your comment below!


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  • Gerry Green

    Another great podcast, thanks everyone.

    I would love to see Genevieve Valentine try her hand at Batman as Ed suggests. Stella’s makes a good point about writers not wanted to get pigeonholed into writing for just their particular ethnicity, gender, orientation etc. Someday none of this will make any difference.

    I also look forward to Ed or anyone else’s opinion of the Flintstones. Its hard to tell if it benefited from my crazy low expectations.

  • Chowder

    Is this where I comment to get featured in the podcast?

    • Dustin Fritschel

      Yes, specifically for the Comic Cast that is.