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Episode 193

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It seems we may have missed a bit of news last episode related to Comic Con, so we start by knocking that off. After discussing the sales numbers and some other news full reviews for Batman, Detective Comics and All-Star Batman are given before rounding out the episode with the other titles from The Batman Universe that have released and a few Listener Q&A’s. Be sure to leave your thoughts below!


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  • Adam Kennedy

    Great to hear the podcast! I really like where you guys are at after listening for a year or so. I wanted to ask of you think that the delays are hurting DKIII?

  • dmaietta

    Regarding the crazy high sales of Allstar, here is a possible reason why those numbers could be so high. Scott Synder is doing a signing at my local shop was offering a deal where you got a wristband to get ahead in line if you bought a pack of all 5 variant covers for $25. So I ended up buying all the variants… and I am one who never buys variant covers (and in fact does just about all my reading digitally these days). If similar deals were going on for other signing stops (especially in dense areas like NYC), I bet a lot of readers who normally would only buy one copy were more likely to buy 5. The signing is this Thursday (8/25) so I’ll see if it is packed with wristband buyers or non-wristbanders!

    • Ian Miller

      That’s very interesting. I’d be very surprised if that provided even 100,000 extra sales – 400,000 is a truly staggering number. I am surprised that there are over 200,000 comic-buying fans, honestly, but it appears they are out there.

  • Terry Hughston

    Hey guys. Thanks for another great episode. Been away for a while and just binged several episodes in a row and I’m always glad to hear your thoughts on comics as they release. I know this is a little late but I did want to chime in just a bit to something that I think relates to the sexism discussion you were having a few episodes ago. And that is the snickers ad that has been running in a lot of DC comics over the last month or so. The ad follows in the tradition of other “you’re not yourself when you’re hungry” Snickers ads that I’ve seen on television. But this particular ad just struck me as different given the history of sexism in comics that you discussed previously. In the ad, Batman and Superman begin fighting a monster only to give the monster a Snickers bar to calm the monster down. After doing so, you see that the monster was Wonder Woman. This just seems to much to be some sort of sexist “give the crazy female some chocolate to make her calm” statement that I felt deserved some sort of comment in a media that has a bad history of treating female characters differently or stereotypically.

    In more related comments, as much as I’m always with Ed about all things Snyder, I can’t help but echo his treatment of Alfred. I hope that there is some sort of interesting plan that he has mapped out in advance for the character and probably feel like Alfred is just trying to protect Bruce by sabotaging his mission. However, if Snyder is just going to make us endure more out-of-character Alfred, then why not just use another of his pet characters (like Julia) instead. Alfred has gotten such short shrift in Batman comics as a whole since well before Flashpoint and I wish that creators would either just use him correctly or not use him at all.

    Anyway thanks for another great episode.

    • Ian Miller

      Agree completely about the snickers commercial – it isn’t very funny, and it’s annoying that it’s in so many comics.

  • Dustin Fritschel

    From Bob:

    Wait, so Spoiler and Harper Row aren’t the same person???;)

  • Ian Miller

    Regarding the higher prices for All-Star Batman, it seems that they’re using a higher quality paper stock for the book than standard comics, explaining the bump in price a little bit, even though there are only 8 more pages. I am frustrated that Snyder doesn’t seem to be able or willing to hit a page count, though, and that DC isn’t making a statement about why this particular comic is being priced out of their admirable 2.99 range. I mean, obviously they don’t have to, since it’s selling nearly 3 times as much as any other comic, but it’s kind of unfortunate all the same.

  • Alberto Valadez

    Hey guys thanks for another great comic cast, its been a while since I’ve commented, but i haven’t missed an episode. And as much as i loved coming on here in the past and dogging snyder i must admit i was very much excited to read all star and the first issue didn’t dissapoint…. That being said i found the batman universe in late 2008 when i first thought to search for a batman dedicated podcast and i found this lovely site, been here ever since…. Back when i used to download an episode to my computer and transfer it over to my blackberry… oh simpler times.. Lol… I’ve always wanted to ask you guys, but i just never have…. How did you guys get into comics or batman in general…. A little rundown of my history….my dad took me to see batman 89 when i was 5 on opening night, and subsequently did for every movie that followed after that… Yes even batman and robin… My mom would record the animated series for me and my little brother on vhs… Needless to say we never missed an episode…. My parents always fostered are love for superheroes…. .i grew up in a small border town so there was no comic shops.. So whatever comics i did get came from wal mart back when they carried comics, and trade paperbacks my mom would find at garage sales, it wasn’t until i was in college that i was able to find a comic shop and become a monthly reader… And all these years later im still in love with batman, that’s my story in a nutshell, I’d like to hear yours if your willing to share…. Sorry for the long post, guess I’m just making up for not posting in a while…. Thank you guys keep up the great work!

  • Dustin Fritschel

    From Paul:

    Been listening to the podcast for years now and really enjoy it. Started reading Batman at the start of New 52 and in that time have gone back and read all the classics as well as all of Morisson’s run and enjoyed the evolution of Damien as a character with Bruce / Batman.

    Like yourselves, I found Snyder’s lack of inclusion of Damien difficult at times in a universe where continuity was important at one moment across many titles but then forgotten the next.

    After Endgame and Bruce’s re-emergence as the healed, improved, positive Batman, was there any reference made to him having a son in any of the titles at all?

    I noted that at the end of Batman and Robin Eternal 26, the series ends with the new Batman post issue 50 taking on a bank heist with all the Robins but there is no mention of that father / son bond. Do you think this was DC just skirting the issue?

    So 2 questions so far but my main one is, with Rebirth, do you think DC will address this ‘I have a son’ issue or do you think Damien and Bruce’s relationship will just continue as it was pre-endgame and moving on from Tomasi’s series Batman and Robin? Or do you think they might do something else entirely?

    Many thanks and thanks for all the entertaining podcast.

  • Dustin Fritschel

    From Charles:

    Great show! Im newer to the batman comics. And know very little. There’s so many robins! I’ve jumped into dc now. I’m reading the current issues and some of the new 52 (super girl, cat woman, batman, and Harley Quinn) but a lot of the time I’m lost for example what the heck is the oracle? I’m assuming he’s like the watcher in marvel comics.

    Your show is a huge help in understanding what’s really going on in terms of history as well as just learning the characters in general.