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Episode 194


After yet another five Wednesday month, we are back with all of the latest news from the past three weeks. Our in depth review include Batman #5 and Detective Comics #939. After covering all of Greater Gotham, we dive into a bunch of comments from listeners and even discuss our origins with Batman. Be sure to leave your thoughts below!


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  • Gerry Green

    The Snickers ad is a distraction. I can see that it might not have been intended as sexist but good grief with all the gender issues DC and comics in general has it is just a bad idea. And it appears to be a full page native ad, looking just like content. Like Dustin said, they probably made a ton of money for this so if the advertiser is happy we are likely see more of this kind of thing.

    Liked hearing your comments on the mistreatment of Prez. Prez was a smart and interesting comic book and unique in the list of DC’s comics. On the positive side the author, Mark Russel, is doing similarly culturally relevant work on Flintstones. I know I keep bringing up the Fintstones which isn’t a Batman title. I’m not ashamed.

    As far as Dustin being Batman, whenever I get an email from him via the Batman Universe email address it appears in my inbox as coming from ‘Batman’. I love getting email from Batman, totally works for me and makes my kids jealous.

    Loved the podcast as usual, particularly the discussion about Damian whom I love as Robin. Nice Pulp Fiction reference Ed:’like Caine from Kung Fu’.

  • Ian Miller

    I have to say, I loved the discussion on Damian, because I think Ed and Dustin are absolutely right. Morrison has said that Damian was destined to die from his creation. But I also love what Stella said about how it wasn’t just Tomasi and Gleason who brought Damian to our hearts – for me, it was Steph (and Bryan Q. Miller), and Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen with Colin, who humanized this murdering brat into a kid trying desperately to be righteous.

    With regards to Batman #5, I have to say, even though I really enjoy Tom King’s work, and he was a pleasure to meet at Baltimore Comic-Con (he said that Dan Didio told him he should have turned Dick’s return to Gotham in Grayson #12 into 4 issues, which is just another silly thing Didio has said :), I’m a bit…um, let’s say skeptical of yet another “Batman dies” story. Knightfall, RIP, Superheavy, and now I Am Gotham/Suicide/? I am starting to see some thematic things going on in King’s work – the idea of Batman thinking about the future. Whereas Knightfall was a response to the “darker and edgier” surge of the 90s, trying to prove that a man who refused to kill, who was firmly on the side of good, was the true hero of Gotham (America/urban life), and RIP was trying to show that the human spirit can transcend anything, to Snyder’s communitarian ethic of inspiration – all of these “death of Batman” stories have had deeper thematic preoccupations. I’m just…a bit weary of it all at this point. (I could also probably add a shadow of this story in Bruce Wayne: Murderer, which showed what happened when we go too far into a symbol and refuse to make connection to our families, but I’ve probably said too much already 🙂

  • John Lynch

    After listening to your discussion about the Snickers ad, I have a hard time taking any of you seriously. First of all, have any of you ever scene any of these commercials before. Do you think that they are implying Danny Trejo is “PMSing”? Or do you not think that Wonder Woman is a big enough star in the DC Universe to deserve to star in the ad? (Since you haven’t watched any TV in the last few years, I’ll point out that it is normally the star that is transformed by the candy). Second, the ad seems to be playing off the Batman V Superman movie. Starts off with Batman and Superman fighting Doomsday then Wonder Woman comes in to turn the tide. Hopefully, the advertisers won’t hear much of this kind of criticism and stop investing in DC Comics and female superheros.

  • Thanks again for the great podcast. I look forward to each episode. Thanks for sharing your “origin” stories of how you got into comics. Started reading Batman during the “A Lonely Place of Dying” story arc. I fell away from collecting and reading soon after started high school in 1992. I just recently came back to reading Batman titles, mostly due to the Arkham video games. I know that Ed and Stella play video games because of BTO The Last of Us podcast. I recall Dustin saying something about playing Batman Arkham Knight last year. What about Ed and Stella? I really like the way the charters were written in those games (especially Barbara). What are the TBU team’s thoughts on how the charters were portrayed?
    I would also like to support the website, but I’m not a pay pal user. Are there any other ways to contribute? Thanks again, the other Ian.