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Episode 195


With little news from the past two weeks, we dive straight into our in-septh reviews featuring Batman #6, All-Star Batman #2 and Detective Comics #940. If you haven’t read any of those issues, there is a lot that has happened in the past two weeks. We also cover all of the other comic releases from the past two weeks and round out the episode answering listener questions. Be sure to leave your thoughts below!


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  • Chowder

    Gotham Girl looks dope af with the shaved head hopefully she keeps it. But it looks terrible on Kate and its really lame that she just wears a wig.

    You briefly mentioned that Spoiler may be leaving the team in Detective Comics and I was worried about this as well because she is my favorite character on the team now that Tim is gone. I spoke with James Tynion the other day and asked him and he said that he had plans with her throughout the story. Knowing that she will be still be in the story whether she stays on the team or not, what direction do you think she will go?

    James also said that they were trying to decide if the first rebirth annual should be annual #1 or annual #16. Personally I’m hoping that they will go with the original numbering and make it #16.

    • Ian Miller

      I’m with you – I love the return to the original numbering, and think the Annuals should follow suit! Hopefully this annual will give each member of the team their own story, fleshing out what everyone does in between adventures.

      I personally really hope that Spoiler stays on the team, as I’m really enjoying her relationship with Batman and Cassandra. I hope she learns both skills of teamwork and being a solo hero worthy of respect in Gotham – so that she’s no longer a third tier hero, but one of the premier heroines of the world! 🙂 (Okay, that might be a bit grandiose.)

  • Dave Taliba

    With all the hugging going on I have to ask the most important question: if you could hug one member of the Bat-family who would it be?