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Episode 196


It has been a slow end of September and an event in the Bat-Books begins. Night of the Monster Men has begun and we are covering the including story. That means this time around we cover Batman #7, Nightwing #5 and Detective Comics #941. There were also some great debut issues for some new Rebirth titles that we discuss. We round out the episode pondering which member of the Bat-Family we would give a hug to. Let that sink in for a second as we remind you to leave your thoughts below for the next episode.


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  • Hello again. Love the show as always. Thanks for recommending the Rebirth issue number 1 of Trinity. For the most part, I agree with giving this issue a thumbs up. The only off putting part was how much of a jerk Bruce was, but I guess after getting hit in the chest with heat vision, I’d be salty too. How did that not kill him anyway? Your point about not needing a action scene to tell a good story is spot on and I’m looking forward to seeing where they take the series.

    I don’t typically get individual issues. I normally wait for the trades and do my reading in bulk. I’m pretty much all caught up on the main Batman line and I was hoping you could recommend one of your favorite story arcs from the past. I only ask that you leave out the usually mentioned all time favorites like Hush, Long Halloween, or any new 52 era books. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.
    Thanks again,
    The other Ian