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Episode 197


Lots of news has been announced over the past two weeks mostly because of New York Comic Con, but with Batwoman getting her own series, Super Sons finally getting a launch date and DC killing it in sales, there is a lot to talk about. Our in-depth reviews include All-Star Batman #3, Batman #8, Nightwing #6 and Detective Comics #942. Greater Gotham and a discssuion of other good Bat-Stories to check out round out the episode. Be sure to leave your comments below.


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  • Ian Miller

    Excellent cast as usual, folk! I did want to throw a quick note about Stephanie Brown as Robin (not shocking, I know) – I think there’s a third road, besides Batman being sexist and Batman being completely justified. I believe that you can read it (especially if you read some of the preparation issues of War Drums in the recently released War Games collections) as Batman seeing the potential for another life away from the death and violence of his own for Stephanie, and being unable to articulate that hope for her, or his own fear engendered by Jason’s death. Basically, that Batman isn’t necessarily sexist, but he’s incredibly bad at relationships and communicating with someone like Stephanie. That’s not to say Steph didn’t make mistakes – but he didn’t give her the year of training Tim got to bring her completely to the level she needed to be before being given a pass/fail test.

    Anyway, I pretty much agree with you on the Night of the Monster Men crossover. It’s not bad, and I really, really liked the art – Roge Antonio seems to be the Bat-office’s go-to fill-in artist these days, with his work on the Batman Annual #4, Batman and Robin Eternal, Grayson, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey, and now here in this crossover. Riley Rossmo’s art was really beautifully stylized, and even though Andrew MacDonald’s art was probably the weakest of the three, it was still very appealing and well done. But all in all, it felt really disposable – it was integrated into the other storylines well, but the characters didn’t really feel like themselves (the voicing seemed off to me), and I just didn’t care about Batman fighting Strange until the very end.

    I have to disagree about All-Star Batman, though. I don’t enjoy the out-of-order storytelling- it can be done well, and it’s not done especially badly here, but it seems to be primarily used so we can have an incredibly out of character moment of betrayal in every issue, which I just don’t enjoy, even if they get a somewhat satisfying explanation. I like the Batfamily and allies working together, not at constant odds (which explains why Detective is my current favorite title – though the upcoming formation of the Suicide Squad by Batman including Catwoman makes me incredibly intrigued!)

    I do have a question for the cast – is anyone playing the Telltale Batman game? If so, what do you think of it, and if not, do you plan to at some point?