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Episode 198


The Comic Cast is back to cover the past two weeks of news including what is coming in January. We cover Dark Knight III #6, Batman #9 and Detective Comics #943. Lots of of other great books are releasing as part of Greater Gotham, so be sure to give some of them a try. And as always, leave your comments below for the next episode!


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  • Dustin Fritschel

    From Devin:

    Great episode! New to the show, just started listening after Rebirth. I am not disappointed. Awesome hosts with LOTS of Batman knowledge and much love for the character. My question involves artists. How much does it affect a run for you if there is no constant artist??? Scott Snyder had what some would consider the best Batman run in recent memory, and had one artist (Greg Capullo) drawing it. Tom King is writing a great book, but has had multiple artists through 10 issues, and is solicited to have more. (I for one am very excited for the Mitch Gerard’s issues!!!) Do you think this will influence how well Tom King does on Batman? Or is it something that you believe won’t effect the book too tremendously? Thanks for the awesome show!

    • Ian Miller

      To be fair to all non-Synder/Capullo teams, Capullo did have multiple issues where he took a break, or another artist did some fill in work (Batman #13, 18, 34, and 49 come to mind). He also didn’t have to deal with the stress of two issues per month, instead of one. I personally like a consistent artist – as long as that artist is good. One of the biggest problems with Simone’s run on Batgirl for me (aside from the writing) is that the art was consistent – but consistently bad – ugly and unappealing. So far, Rebirth is using a lot of artists to keep up with the bimonthly schedule on all of their books, but they’re doing it in an artistically coherent way. They use fill-in artists for flashback scenes, where a change in style makes sense (Birds of Prey, Detective Comics), one shots (Wonder Woman, Batman, Nightwing), or use a variety of inkers to finish books (Batman).

      I’m hopeful that editorial at DC continues to be judicious and intelligent in their use of artists, and doesn’t end up running issues like some of the middle bits of Batman and Robin Eternal, where the weekly schedule (and the speculated rewrites) led to pages being handed out piecemeal to up to four artists per issue. Greg Rucka has said that for one year, a bimonthly book should have four artists to avoid strain, and Didio is allowing him three (though technically he’s using four, with Matt Clark providing some fill in, as well as Nicola Scott, Liam Sharpe, and Bilquis Evely).

  • Another great episode I thought you were a bit harsh on Batman #9 though as I thought it was the best issue for a long time as it seemed to signal to me at least that Batman has become an actual Batman book again. I liked King’s take on Bane and i’d see to see him tackle the story of why he went to Gotham and why he had his Knightfall plan.

    As for the sales I’m glad that DC destroyed Marvel because the marvel line is just being lazy at the moment and hoping that putting Civil War 2 on a book will help it sell also as usual they are doing far too many mini-series which connect to the actual event which aren’t needed. To an extent DC do the same with too many unnecessary books like did we really need Harley’s little Black Book and The Gang Of Harleys. I enjoy them but aren’t they really needed and does a character having too many series affect the sales overall?

    I collect all the Batman stuff that comes out but during the new 52 there was a lot coming out I had to cut out stuff like Batwoman and Batwing or even trying out other series that I might have given a go such as Prez because I couldn’t justify spending a huge amount every week in the comic store. At the moment it’s easier as despite the two week release there aren’t as many Bat-Titles out each week which is better for a completist like myself as while I am probably spending a similar amount it doesn’t feel like it.

    My question is do you feel that a character having too many series ruins sales of other books because they can’t afford to try them?

  • When is Harper Row going to host an episode of the Comic ‘Cast?


    • Ian Miller

      Probably never. Haha. 🙂

      However, I did want to comment that I actually read Vengeance of Bane just a few days before Batman #9 came out (because of the sale on comixology for trades, including Knightfall volume 1), and Tom King really builds serious emotion from Dixon’s background. I don’t think it would have made as much of an emotional impact if I hadn’t read that issue, though.

      Regarding the 200th episode – I think having some guests would be pretty cool, and as the other Ian says, some listener interaction of some sort, whether it be a question in episode 199 that is answered in 200 by listeners, or a drawing for a prize, or a call-in, or an art contest…

  • 200th episode idea. You could do a listener call in trivia contest. It might take some work to set it up, but you could have a couple of your regular listeners sound off in a trivia contest. The trivia questions could be related to all things Batman and you could through in some questions related to the podcast. These questions should be things that only regular listeners would know. For instance:
    Question – What’s Dustin’s favorite word to use when he wants to direct people to the website?….Answer – Implore.
    Question – Who does Ed ship with Dick Grayson?…Answer – Starfire
    Question – Who is Stella’s favorite villain?…Answer – I don’t actually know this one, but I do know it’s not the Joker
    Just an idea that could be fun.