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Episode 199


After discussing October’s sale numbers, we jump straight into our in depth reviews which includes All-Star Batman #4, Batman #10 and Detective Comics #944. Stick around to hear what else is happening in Gotham and get our take on how important art is to telling a good story. Be sure to leave your comments below!


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  • Ian Miller

    Last podcast before the big 200! Hooray! Excellent podcast as usual, and I just wanted to say I’ve really been appreciating the way the Batman line is approaching the loss of Tim Drake. The main title of Detective, is of course handling it really well, since Tynion has been controlling that plot thread from the beginning – but the ways it’s been handled in other titles, such as Teen Titans, Trinity, Batman, etc, has been really solid. Respectful, heartfelt, and true to character, without stopping any of the stories going forward.

    Here’s hoping to 200 more episodes! 🙂