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Episode 2

BWW E2 Pic

Join your hosts Nick, Jimmy and Joe in welcoming their friend and long time lover of the Bat, Daniel to the show. Listen in as they wax poetic about Batman nostalgia of their youth and as they debate the Suicide Squad reveal, the new Batman costume, Jared Leto’s Joker and more. Cringe with us as Nick continues to subject us to one horrible impersonation after another


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  • Really enjoying this new podcast. Look forward to more shows. Any way to follow on FB or Twitter?

    • Joe Wapo

      We’re on the TBU Facebook page. Reach out to us there if you want to participate in our inane arguments.

    • James Terzis

      Thanks for the feedback! We have a Twitter page that is a work in progress, but should be up and running regularly with the release of episode 3. If you want to follow us, it is @BruceWayneWorld (minus the “s”).