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Season 2: Episode 2: Knock, Knock

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Join Josh and Don as they look at the latest chapter in Gotham’s “Rise of the Villains” saga. This episode forever changed the way one of the hosts look at the show. Was Essen’s death worth it? Is Lee a Han Solo fan? Can Bruce fire Alfred? Why is Don laughing? Take a listen and find out! Be sure to leave your thoughts below!


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  • First, let me make my complaint about Josh’s overuse of ‘like’ and ‘you know’. It is sort of a cliche that high school kids can’t get through a sentence without using one or both of these interjections. Josh, you are reinforcing the stereotype; particularly in the second episode of the season. I don’t normally comment on this kind of thing because I realize that your conversation is not scripted and most people have some verbal habit that fills in time while they organize a sentence. This is ‘too much, too much’.

    I think the show has started the season with two strong episodes. The Penguin has apparently grown quickly into the role of gang boss. He was strong in the first episode. We don’t need to see him in every episode because his influence was apparent in the second episode even though he had no physical presence.

    Nygma just seems wrong to me. Early in the series, he seemed to have the compulsive part of the Riddler character, but he lost that when he started having talks with himself.

    Jerome is playing a Joker-like character, but that is what convinces me that he isn’t going to be the Joker. He is too deliberate about assuming the crazy persona. That deliberation and calculation about who he is is foreign to the Joker. Of, course, the writer’s could have completely missed the mark on this character as they have with Nygma.

    I’m willing to go along with a sort of Elseworlds Gotham if the stories are as strong as these two. I have great hopes that the series will settle into a more consistent quality of episodes.

    I miss Stella, but understand that she wasn’t enjoying the series so that a weekly podcast seemed too much like work. I think you do need a woman on the podcast because the show is still going to follow relationships as well as plots. You need the reality check of having both genders commenting on the program.

    I’m committed to sticking it out for another season. Good luck in keeping up your energy for the podcast.