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Episode 2


Hello, and welcome to episode 2 of Robin: Everyone Loves The Drake Podcast. We pick up where we last left of in Batman: Year 3 with issue #437… Bruce Wayne takes Dick Grayson as his ward, and Batman takes on a partner. Also the mob is getting picked off one by one and Batman is spiraling further out of control. Can Nightwing pull Batman out of the abyss? And what is in Tony Zucco's black book? All as we get closer to the arrival of Tim Drake making is comic debut in this timeline. So join me in this episode, "Changes Made".



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3 thoughts on “Episode 2

  1. Rob Myers

    Thanks that means a lot. iTunes requires that you have 4 active episodes before it will be avalible. So if i understand it right i think it will be like episode 5 when the feed will be "live" on iTines. I will record Episode 3 this week and it should be up sortly there after. I can't wait till we get to Tim in the podcast… it won't be long now… that's where the "real game begins"

  2. Terry

    Thanks for the quick response.  I grew up with Tim and I'm so excited about this podcast.  I'll keep downloading it here and then I'll be your first positive review on iTunes as soon as it's up.

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