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Episode 2: Selina Kyle

TGC E2 Pic

Join Josh, Don and Stella as they looked at the second episode of Fox’s “Gotham”. What did the the gang think of the Dollmaker’s plot and Selina Kyle’s time in the spotlight? Take a listen to find out.


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5 thoughts on “Episode 2: Selina Kyle

  1. Dustin Fritschel

    Caught the mention of Lost in the bloopers. Hrrrmmm… I feel like Downton Abbey will be the Lost of this cast. None-the-less great episode. As for the episode itself, it was a little down from the pilot, but I think that it is going to be a slow build for many things as there is a lot to set-up. Liked that the cameo/guest characters that appeared didn’t feel as heavy handed as they did in the pilot.

  2. Adam Rogers

    I think you mean Emo, not Goth. Goth’s just dress in dark creepy clothes and sometimes makeup, they don’t cut usually cut themselves. Also, I listen to Metal and there’s nothing wrong with me, thank you very much (heck, there’s a Metal band, called Murp–check them out; they’re pretty amazing ;P–composed of a couple kids, younger than Bruce is in this show, and they very bubbly and happy children–no dark tendencies whatsoever ;P).

    I think you’re reading a little too much into it. Sure, going for that sort of thing at that age right after your parents death does mean your teetering in that direction, but what else is a 12-something-year-old supposed to do after experiencing such a tragedy? I think it’s perfectly reasonable for him to be confused and try things that he probably shouldn’t try. Even when he returned to Gotham after his training he was at a loss as to what, exactly, to do until he stumbled onto the cave. He even resorted to criminal activity before being recruited by the League of Shadows in Batman Begins! Heck, he almost killed Joe Chill in that movie! Just imagine how much more lost and confused he must have been so soon after his parents died. I don’t think he’s Emo, anyway; he’s hurting himself for a completely different reason. Emo’s hurt/cut themselves to counteract the pain they feel inside (or for attention XD–or both), Bruce is doing it to test his limits and see how much he can handle. He’s trying train himself to be Batman without knowing that that’s what his goal is or what path he needs to take to get there. He just knows he has to do SOMETHING, lol ;P. He just doesn’t know what yet. And why should he? THAT would be ridiculous, lol.

    And I think Alfred may have just said “cutting” because he thought Bruce was hurting himself for the same reasons that Emo’s cut themselves. You know, just to equate what Bruce is doing with “cutting”.

    1. Adam Rogers

      Goth is more about dark fashion and tastes in music. Emo, while it is also about fashion and music tastes, is what’s associated with depression, self-injury and suicide.

    2. Adam Rogers

      Also Stella, I understand your feelings about Alfred, but I don’t really agree. Sure, it hurts to see them like this and yeah, that’s not how you deal with a kid (by yelling at them), but I’ve always figured it must be hard for him to raise Bruce. We’ve just never seen that part of their relationship; we always see them when they’ve grown together and Bruce respects him. Right now, neither of them know what to do. Bruce is lost and confused anyway after seeing his parents murdered in front of him and he’s used to Alfred being at his beck and call. Alfred isn’t used to raising a child and probably never got to know Bruce very well, so naturally Bruce is unsure if he can trust him. He did, however, make a connection with Gordon. Don’t worry; I’m sure they’ll grow together as the show moves forward. Things can’t–and wouldn’t be perfect right now. Bruce’s parents, and Alfred’s employers–and, likely, friends–were just murdered. That alone has to be difficult to cope with. And now Alfred has the full responsibility of being Bruce’s guardian dropped in his lap.

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