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Episode 21



In this episode, Tim, Dane, and Terence talk about The Dark Knight Rises getting snubbed at the Oscars, Darth Vader tripping on a curb, a picture of Dane next to a 300 lb. Batman, Gary serenades TBU staff writer Steve J. Rogers, and they also talk about the top comics of 2012, what they look forward to in 2013, James Tynion IV taking over Red Hood and the Outlaws, Michael Keaton talking about Batman, and review all of the Batman comics from the past two weeks!



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  • Dan

    My trip to Brazil??  Just let it be known, Terry – or should I call you "Terence" as you seem to go by now – that I have plenty of stories to share as well…
    BwahahhahahhahaHAHAHA (insert more maniacal laughter)

    No, but seriously, you guys have a great podcast here.  I'm not a Batman or a comic book fan by any stretch of the imagination (my geekery is reserved for Tolkien and D&D), but I have a blast listening to the podcast – often cracking up here at work.  A good reflection on what you guys do to get someone like me with little interest in the source material to tune in and stay with it through the whole 2 hours. 

  • Tim Geraci

    Thanks Dan! Glad you're able to enjoy the show even though you're not a fan of Batman or comic book , and it's good to have a Lord of the Rings fan listening! But now we'll have to get "Terry" to tell us about these stories!

  • Terence

    Thanks Dan. I should be carfull because I know you know way more embarrassing stories about me than I know about you. We will have to do a Lord of the Rings show and have you on.