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Episode 212 AKA Episode 200

Welcome to episode #212 formerly known as episode #200 prior to us renumbering the cast to be more accurate! This time around we discuss Batman #11, Detective Comics #945 and Batman Annual #1. Stick around to enter a special contest and be sure to leave your thoughts below!


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  • Evan G

    My favorite moment of the comic podcast The extensive discussion of Tim Drake’s v-card (most of which got cut). Just because it’s hilarious.
    My favorite comic story arc is the first Red Robin arc: The Grail.

    General Comment: I’m still enjoying Detective, but am thoroughly annoyed by Bat-Not Tony Stark-Wing. I really hope Tim Drake does return as Tim Drake soon and isn’t badly damaged. I’m actually still hopeful he will get another solo in the not-too-distant future, but I don’t know what the likelihood of that is.

    One more thing: Concerning the annual, I think there is some kind of gap between the solicitation and release:
    “SILENT NIGHT”! A hush of winter snowfall has fallen over Gotham City…but a quiet night in this place is never truly quiet. Batman and his allies-and his many foes-stalk the streets in this icy showcase of top talent.”

    I only flipped through the annual myself so I could have missed something, but what allies? I was expecting Nightwing and Damian and well, not Tim, but maybe Jason to work with Bruce. That didn’t happen. It’s not as bad as that Dark Knight issue with Tim on the cover from Court/Night/Weekend/Day-Spa of the Owls but still annoyed me.

  • Ian Miller

    It so obviously a simulation of Tim. Other options just seem stretching Occam’s Razor. Plus, it feels very much like something Steph would do with the resources and situations given her.

    I really liked Batman and Robin Eternal, though I agree it was much weaker than the first Eternal, and JT4’s current run on Tec. I really disagree that the team is too full – I really like the team interactions, and the potential the team has to develop the theme of Batman’s lost family, and his construction of a new one through inspiration and adoption. I think Tynion’s plan of having each team member have an arc is a good one – the first being Kate and Tim, the second being Steph and Clayface, the third being Batwoman, the fourth being Cass.

    I wasn’t a fan or a hater of Azrael in Batman and Robin Eternal, but I really like the way Tynion wrote him in Tec here – with his faith not being denigrated, but him not being too fanatical…until he draws the sword. That made me smile with just how bombastic it was – felt very much like the Batman Knightfall radio drama. Tynion tends to be a big, slightly goofy storyteller, and I enjoy that a lot in his Batfamily work.

    I have to say, after the awesome first issue of I am Suicide, I haven’t been digging Batman, and this issue didn’t change that feeling. The unanswered questions make it unenjoyable. I thought the Annual was really disappointing. The Ace and Harley and acrobatics stories were okay, but not worth the cover price, but Stag and the final story just weren’t very fun at all. I have to admit, I don’t really enjoy Steve Orlando’s writing – it’s too deliberately hard edged and unpleasant – the ending of Stag is a really excellent example of that. I know it’s setting up a future story, but it’s just violent and gory to a character who doesn’t deserve it, with no sense of justice at all.

    I think my favorite Batman story would be Batgirl: The Lesson (with honorable mention to Batman Eternal). Bryan Q. Miller took a lot of lemons (Batman, Inc messing with all ongoing storylines, characters being stolen from him at the last moment, artist availability, and of course the death of the post-Crisis universe and Steph for four years, and gave us “It’s only the end if you want it to be.”

    Favorite moment on the comic cast is probably the listener feedback section – feels like a bunch of friends all talking about Batman comics – the best!

  • Fair warning: Ed and I are considering a revolt! 😛

  • Chris Karnes

    Another great episode; thanks for your time and keeping this up on a regular basis. I have no critical comments, but just want to wish you the best for the holiday season and for 2017! Take care!

    (I look forward to any future celebration episodes – Trivia? If I can’t get onboard playing, perhaps I can assist with providing questions.)

  • Dustin Fritschel

    From Paul:

    Hi guys

    Great 200 and 212th episode of the show. I especially liked Dustin’s old man Wikipedia voice at the end of the show.

    After the reveal of the 3 Jokers in Justice League 50, I wondered what you thought DC would do with this going forward? I also wondered if you liked the idea? I have enjoyed Snyder’s work with the Joker but am enjoying his absence from Rebirth at the moment.

    Thanks again guys and merry Christmas.

  • Jason K

    Great episode! It is a toss up for favorite moment. I was going to say the discussion around Tim and his v-card, but the “old grump man” Wikipedia that Dustin just did had me spitting up my coffee on my morning commute!

    Favorite story line is Hush – just love the art and how they brought in so many different characters!

  • Christian Jones

    My favorite moment on the Comic Cast was when you interviewed Scott Snyder. Just to get a big name writer and to talk about his stories was a great listen. My favorite story arc is The Court of Owls. It is one of the best new stories in Batman’s long history and has so much potential for more great stories.

  • Guy A LeMay

    My favorite moment on the Pod Cast is “I implore you” My favorite story arc is Batman: Reborn by Grant Morrison. Thanks again for the awesome podcast guys and Merry Christmas.