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Episode 213

The Comic Cast is back with coverage of Batman #12 and Detective Comics #946. We also talk about the recent DC Rebirth Holiday Special #1 and find out which of the short stories were the favorites. Also we give away to copies of Suicide Squad after reading through the great group of comments on the site. Be sure to leave your comments and support us on Patreon!


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  • Ian Miller

    Congrats to Dustin and his family!

    I have to say that even though King’s Batman isn’t my favorite interpretation of the character, I think his idea of Batman as a form of self destruction is a valid way of dealing with the fact that Batman is Eternal (haha, did that on purpose). Whether you tell a serious, funny, tragic, triumphant, romantic, or whatever story, Batman will always be Batman. Some writers embrace that by telling fun Batman stories that explore the potential of the world – I’d put Chuck Dixon and Grant Morrison in that category. Some are interested in what the artificial limitations of a perpetual character published by committee might be – exploring the mental contortions that might explain things, trying to draw connections to the real world (terrorism, etc). Snyder and King are definitely in the latter catagory. I think both are interesting, but I think I personally prefer the former. I think Tynion, as a student of Snyder, has some tendencies towards that, as we see in The Victim Syndicate, but is generally much more naturally the former type of writer. Both Eternals and the first arc of Detective were fun, bombastic Batman stories that asked some important questions (like what is the purpose of Robin? How does Batman’s legacy continue?), but were mostly concerned with “Isn’t Batman so cool!”

    And he is, isn’t he? 🙂

  • Guy

    I have to agree I am not a fan of Bruce Way making suicide attempts or needing to in a psych ward as child with his playmate Harvey Dent. In a way, it makes Batman no different then the villains he fights. It also shows an extreme vulnerability and weakness, that he would contemplate suicide after his parents death. That’s a very dark place to go, and it comes off as very selfish. He has no one else in his life that he can live for? not Alfred? not an aunt or uncle? Cousin/ it makes the character seem selfish, narcissistic and I am not a fan of it. In terms of Batman being suicide personified, I have always thought that Bruce Wayne would probably die as batman. He would never have a happy ending like in the Dark Knight Rises. and maybe Bruce does believe that every night he goes out that this could be his last night walking out the Bat cave. I think soldiers and policemen have similar thinking. but I don’t think that they think of their mission as a suicide pact they focus on completing the mission. Otherwise what’s the point What keeps batman going is the mission, death is just a cost of that mission and its a very real threat. I cant imagine being think that he’s committing suicide by being batman. Its a very existential way of thinking about what your purpose is.