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Episode 214

It is a new year and there is a ton of books to cover in this first episode of 2017. Dark Knight III #7, is covered along with the wrap-up of the arcs in Batman #13, All-Star Batman #5 and Detective Comics #947. Stick around for a discussion about death wishes all of the other books from The Batman Universe. Be sure to leave your comments for teh next episode and support us on Patreon!


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  • Gerry Green

    Congratulations Dustin on the new addition to the family. My wife and I wish you and your family all the best.

    Great show as always and thanks for the shout out to Chris and myself taking over Batbooks for Beginners. We hope it will be as good as the past incarnations of the show. It has been a lot of fun for Chris and I.

    About the Banana Splits. The Splits were four guys in freaky animal suits that did ‘comedy’ skits and played songs between cartoons. The budgets were low and the gags were absurd. The theme song was very similar to the chorus of Buffalo Soldiers by Bob Marley and the show did it first.

    Now if they do a story with H.R. Pufnstuf that would be something.

    I’m still waiting for my Batman ’66 Meets Dark Shadows mini. Barnabas and Dr. Hoffman join the Dynamic Duo to fight the team up of Count Petofi and Hugo Strange who are experimenting on Quentin Collins to develop a wolfman version of the Langstrom Virus so Mr. Freeze can win the Iditarod. Glorious.

    The Booster Gold/Flintstones Annual will be written by Mark Russell so I’m sure it will be mindblowing. Maybe they will think Booster Gold is the next coming of the Bedrock-god Gerald. Booster would like that.

    Regarding Selina Manson’s killing spree, I agree. I just don’t see how they can think that kind of body count is ok for her character. And as much as I am hanging in with Detective Comics, I feel like I was promised one thing at the start of Rebirth and have ended up with something very different and not as good. There better be a plan up DC’s sleeve on both counts to pull this out of the weeds.

    My question to you all is: where do you think Mother Panic is going? I am reviewing the book and being hard on it for now, but it could turn into something great. I can’t put my finger on it but there is an element in Violet’s character that is so broken and raw that you somehow identify with her even when she is being a psycho. And not a happy psycho like Harley, more of a bunny boiler.

  • Sterling Brittian

    I just started listening to your podcast about 2 months ago and I’ve really been enjoying it. I agree that Selina’s killing spree is out of character, but I truly feel that it will turn out she did not kill anyone. For Detective Comics I agree that they need to keep the team consistent for more than one arc instead of a team member leaving every arc as it seems to be going. On the upside with Cassandra being the focus of the next big arc I can not see any way she would leave the team or Gotham. I am sad Tim and Stephanie are gone but am excited for Jean-Paul Valley and Luke Fox to be brought back to a steady place in the Batman Universe. Jean-Paul has always been one of my favorite characters and I find Luke interesting because I feel he is different from most members of the Batfamily as to why he became a vigilante. I’ve seen a couple articles discussing the team and Stephanie. It sounds like James Tynion still has more stories planned for Stephanie and from that and Detective 947 my guess is she will still be around but more to the back and as someone who isn’t trying to hurt the team but cause a little trouble and make them see her view. As for the team it sounds like the plan is for it to be a fluid team. Hopefully it doesn’t change every arc and it will be consistent for awhile. Other than Harper Row and the members who have there own books, can you think of any Batfamily members that have not been seen for awhile and could be brought into the team?

  • Ian Miller

    Stella, just a side note – in the Batman: The Brave and Bold cartoon tie-in comics, Batman did get dunked in a Lazarus pit when the Phantom Stranger brings all the Robins (including Steph and Carrie!) together to save Batman’s life. Obviously not a canon story, but tons of fun!

    Regardin All-Star Batman, I found the Commissioner Gordon plotline incredibly anticlimactic, and the Alfred stuff was just annoying. Snyder’s endings continue to underwhelm, but at this point, I’m not even enjoying the beginnings. I thought this had a few fun moments of action, but I have to admit, I don’t really enjoy “Batman on a road trip” as a concept, (maybe because I don’t enjoy chase scenes in movies), I think Snyder’s plan for Two Face was too similar to James Jr.’s plan in Black Mirror, and I really, really hated what they did with Gordon and the police breaking into the mansion. That was exactly what I would have predicted – a fake out that renders the whole situation emotionally embarrassing and completely unnecessary for the story. This series had really nice art, as you point out, but the story just doesn’t feel really fresh or powerful like the best of Snyder’s stuff has.

    Over in Detective, Luke and Azrael are great. I agree that they aren’t as fun as Tim and Steph, but Tynion has promised in interviews and twitter that though Steph isn’t part of the team, she’s part of the story going forward. I’m really glad Tynion is moving the team members around, in and out – I loved Luke in Eternal, even though the supernatural plot wasn’t very good, and it’s really good to see him back being a hero, after the embarrassing stuff with him in Burnside. And Azrael was so hilariously bombastic, like he was in the Knightfall radio drama, I can’t wait to see Tynion develop him further. I wonder if the double shipping has created the sense of a lack of permanence – since each story arc only takes three months to complete, it feels like the team is shifting a lot faster than if we read the story over five months.

    I do have some questions about greater Gotham. In Nightwing, I’m loving the art by Marcus To, who illustrated Red Robin back when Fabian Niceiaza was having all those women try to get with Tim. I wasn’t picking up this book, but To’s art and Seeley’s writing has made me at least collect this arc. Are you all reading this book regularly?

    Any thoughts on the upcoming tangle that will be Dick appearing in the Birds of Prey, with his romances with both Helena and Babs? Especially from Stella? 🙂 And what does Stella think of Dick’s new love interest, Shawn?

    Excited to hear Gerry will be doing Bat Books for beginners!

    Are any of the hosts reading Gotham Academy: Second Semester? There are a lot of crazy theories (literally 🙂 about the new character, Amy, and I was wondering if any of you had thoughts on the series. I’ve really enjoyed the character of Katherine Karlo, and kind of wish she were Maps’s best friend instead of mopey Olive. The series is getting pretty dismal sales numbers – how long do you think it will last, especially since DC just cut its first title, Vigilante Southland – which was a miniseries, but had incredibly tiny numbers (under 10,000).

  • Chris Karnes

    Dustin; please accept my belated congratulations on your family addition!

    Thanks for the shout-out for Bat Books for Beginners; I’m very fortunate to be on the show with Gerry. If he is waiting for a Batman ’66 Meets Dark Shadows mini series, then I’ll wait for Batman ’66 meets Electra Woman and Dyna Girl mini series.

    Keep up the great job all of you!

  • Jon

    Does anyone else think it would be highly amusing if Dustin’s children grew up to be only Marvel fans?

    Following on from the comments about a young Bruce Wayne contemplating suicide. I found it far more believable and such a sad story than you guys. While, it is easy from an outsider point of view to suggest that he must have had someone to live for. Someone who experiences depression does not think logically about that. All they see is the total black surrounding them. They have a little voice in the back of the head that talks about all the negatives until that is all they see and believe. This would be very strong especially with the loss of his parents and would derail him really badly.

    Also love Alice as the new Co-host way better than Stella.

  • I just got caught up on listening to the podcast after the holidays. There was a little more silliness than usual on episode 213. That is not a criticism. I loved it. Sounded like you guys were having fun during the recording. I was also glad to see that the site is now on Patreon. Looking forward to the things you’ll be able to do with the additional support. Keep up the great work!
    With regards to King’s run on Batman…I just don’t know. I did enjoy most of what he did on the Grayson series, but I’m having a tough time with some of the liberties he’s taken with the history of Bruce. I had similar struggles buying into the Detective Comics portrayal of Batman when Rebirth started. I wasn’t a fan of Batman being taken down so easily by the Colony in issue 936. I’ve always imagined Batman as being one step a head of everyone and able to get him self out of any situation. Almost like he has no equal. I guess I’m not a fan of Batman getting beaten. This got me thinking. Besides the Breaking the Bat story, can you think of a time when Batman was truly bested by another character?