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Episode 216

After two weeks and some new mini-series announced, the gang is back to cover Batman #15 and Detective Comics #949. What happens when the listeners love Dustin’s chicken leg references? How many more discussion on apes are going to occur? Listen and find out as we have our longest Bat Signal segment yet. Be sure to leave your comments below for the next episode!


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  • Dustin Fritschel

    From Bob Moriarty:

    So here’s what I wonder. Jim Lee and Geoff Johns are in charge at DC. right? But when we get CFO type decisions like a 1 dollar price increase which includes a digital copy, is hat a decision made by a DC person or a Warner Brothers person? Because you’d think Lee and Johns can see the inherent problems with raising these prices and the ubiquitous availability of digital copies through other outlets. If the question is whether DC thought this through I agree, but I just wonder where a decision like this is handed down from because it seems to belay an inherent misunderstanding of the audience. Just a thought.

  • Gerry Green

    Another great podcast guys.

    Joel Haas had a great idea about doing your top 50 stories and would love to hear it spread out over 10 episodes or so. Great debut comment Joel!

    I started listening to the podcast in 2014, somewhere during Batman Eternal. I had gotten back into DC Comics earlier that year due to the TV show Gotham and was looking for a podcast that was both entertaining and educational. You guys helped me get back up to speed with continuity and the podcast is my every-other-Saturday-morning ritual. When you asked for review writers in March 2015 I signed up and it has been a great experience. For fans that are thinking about volunteering for any of the positions Dustin mentions I strongly encourage you to do it. It is a great way to bring the DC world to life.

    By the way, my Batman/Dark Shadows cross over idea made a big splash on Twitter. Just sayin’.

    My question for you guys is regarding the upcoming Watchmen story. Is it too early to start looking for clues to the direction the plot is going to go? Do you have any thoughts from what we know now or ideas for interesting directions?

  • Ian Miller

    The argument I have is that 1) it’s clear that Steph knows Luke’s real identity, 2) and that she knows that Batgirl dated Luke, and 3) Steph ran a celebrity gossip blog, so knowing that Luke, noted celebrity, dated Barbara Gordon, noted profitable business owner seems almost certain. And this is just my deduction – I still maintain that Steph saw Babs’s undisguised, unmasked face in the pages of Batgirl, and while it was never stated that Steph knew her name, it’s plausible to me that Babs took her into Batgirl’s circle.

    Death of Oracle was kind of the worst storyline. Steph was explicitly in the circle of people who knew Babs as Oracle was still alive. Though honestly, Cass knew Babs was Oracle from her own days as Batgirl – I don’t see how she wouldn’t have figured it out that Oracle was still alive. I also don’t understand why Simone felt that Oracle needed to die, anyway – the in-universe explanation that “she did too much” is ridiculous – Bruce does just as much or more.

    I think a good storyteller could tell a great Jim finding out Babs’s secret, but editorial clearly won’t let anyone do that. I still have very fond memories of when Babs told Jim she used to be Batgirl back in the old Birds of Prey, and he revealed that he already knew.

    Even though I love Steph and Tim more than Luke and Jean-Paul, I personally hope that Batwing and Azrael don’t disappear, get fired, or worse, get killed off when they come back. I could see them splitting off into their own book, which would be cool (or Tim and Steph could have a Robin/Spoiler book!)

    Do I get a prize for having most comments? 😉

  • I actually got to listen to most of this episode live. Early last week I opened my YouTube app on my iPad to listen to a video while cleaning up the kitchen. I was surprised to see that TBU was doing a live broadcast. I figured this was part of the sites plan to offer new ways to engage the community so I tuned in. It looked like I was the only live viewer at the time, so as a proud Patreon supporter, I sent out a quick tweet to let others know. I wasn’t aware that the live broadcast was unintentional until the TBU twitter account replied to my tweet saying “that wasn’t supposed to happen”. Then I felt bad… Kind of like I was ease dropping in on a conversation I wasn’t supposed to hear.
    Well, the good news is it was a great episode. I’m not sure I heard one thing that would need to be edited out for the official release. Plus, it was cool to hear the unedited version of the comic podcast. I know of other YouTube channels that give Patreon supports early access to content. Do you think TBU will go down that route in the near future?

  • Another fine podcast, gang! I enjoyed the various discussions.

    I started listening to the podcast in early 2013. I was looking for Batman podcasts – but then I thought I’d see if there was a Batgirl podcast and that’s how I found Stella’s excellent podcast which led me to the great TBU!

    I think a Top 50 list of Batman stories would be a pretty tall order; I think Top 20 may be a bit less daunting, or even a Top 10. Perhaps you’d let listeners provide lists of their own as well.

    Stella, my own personal scores on the main Bat books haven’t exactly matched with you and the others of late (however they’ve been very close), but for the past two issues of Batman, our scores have been exactly the same.

    Some questions: Do any of you plan see the Lego Batman movie; and if so (depending on when this is released), what did you think? Also, has anyone seen the new tv show “Powerless” on NBC, and if so, what do you think? Thank you!

    OH, and as far as the song “Mack the Knife” (since it was mentioned and referenced), while Frank Sinatra sung it (as did may others), my favorite rendition was done by Bobby Darin, who arguably had the most popular version and chart success to date with the song. This was a karaoke favorite of mine back in the day; sorry for the topic drift.

    • Ian Miller

      I saw Powerless, and quite enjoyed it. It reminded me of one of my favorite romcoms, Morning Glory. Hopefully it will maintain that element of entertainment!

  • Avery

    Hey Everybody!

    Congrats on the new addition Dustin! I always mean to comment but my job’s firewall blocks the comment box and I always forget when I get home. Anywho great job again. I think I’ve been listening since about 2012 or so. I got into comics right after the N52 started and I didn’t have any comic friends to discuss all the comic awesomeness with, so I googled “talking about Batman” and I ended up here! So glad I did.

    So I’ve only been reading comics for a few years now, to me it feels like the industry is kind of all over the place. New characters and reboots and price changes OH MY! My questions is whether or not this is typical for the industry or if the comic realm is actually struggling. I’ve heard that only print issues count for sales but I’ve been exclusively digital since I graduated college. If I can find a good place to donate my print issues I’d consider a local subscription again to help out. just curious on your opinion of where the industry is relative to your experience.

    Also I’m really pumped for the 250th episode! I think the Top 15/10 list would be an awesome idea and I can’t wait to hear about some of the hidden gems I haven’t read yet. I’m going to put in a good word for Batman: Venom, I think it shows Bruce at one of the lowest moments in his career and his battle back is one of my favorites. I have another idea for the 250th that I think would be pretty cool. What if each of you thought up a pitch for a Batman story. Most comic readers I’ve met have pretty active imaginations and so I think it’d be cool to hear some stories that you guys and gal have spinning around in your heads.

    Once again great job!

  • Jessica Nilo Alves

    I know that Jim is made to look like he doesn’t know about their identities because of the editors, but I’ve always had this little head canon of mine in which he does know, but pretends he doesn’t because if asked in front of a jury, he can claim to be ignorant on the matter. If he doesn’t ever investigate the matter deeply or asks for confirmation from one of the Bats, he cannot be sure of it, so it wouldn’t be perjury for him to deny knowing who they are. Almost like the don’t ask, don’t tell in the military. He is an agent of the law after all.
    Besides that, I would just like to praise Cassandra’s piece in the last issue of Detective Comics. That was pure metaphorical language on how sometimes we just can’t seem to find a way to express our feelings, and how that can leave us trapped inside our heads. It was just plain good literature. Cassandra has always been one of my favorite character’s in the Batverse out of my love for broken things and how relatable she is, the trained assassin part left aside.

  • Avery

    Sorry for the double post but I have to know, what is the deal with Batman and Batgirl shipping all of the sudden? When did that become a thing? I mean it was never something that occurred to me before because of the age difference and the fact that Batman and Jim are basically partners, but now in the past year I’ve seen two movies where they definitely shipped Bruce and Babs hardcore. One of those movies (the one that rhymes with The Grilling Bloke) was garbaggio and one (the one with legos) was pretty great otherwise. Sorry for the rant just wanted to get you all’s opinions and see if there is any other time this has happened or if it’s a new development.

    Thanks again, you lady and gents are awesome.

    • Ian Miller

      I think Killing Joke is because the Batman Beyond creative team has been shipping the two for some weird reason – probably because they’re some of the only main characters who are male and female on the show. (I still don’t know why Batman and Catwoman shipping isn’t more usual across the board.) For the Lego Batman movie, I’d bet it’s because Catwoman is too morally ambiguous for marketing to push Batman and Catwoman together. Or something. I haven’t seen the film, so I don’t know for sure.