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Episode 217

We are back to cover All-Star Batman #7, Batman #16 and Detective Comics #950. Is the comic industry really struggling or is it a mirage? And what is Batman preparing for? Listen and find out to this and much more. Be sure to leave your comments below for the next episode!


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  • Evan G

    I know Stella saw Tom King’s ranking of the Bat-Family in hand-to-hand combat, but I’d like to hear how you guys would rank them. I don’t know exactly how everything would come out, but I know for sure I wouldn’t rank Tim below Steph and Duke.
    It doesn’t have anything to do with Steph being a girl- it’s that Tim was trained by Shiva, Ducard, King Snake, Alfred, Bruce and Dick, and probably others I’m forgetting.

    Speaking of Tim and training, when do you guys think we’ll get his origin straightened out? I liked the Tim story in ‘Tec #950 but I would have preferred a new origin- or his old origin. I like pretending Nu52 Teen Titans #0 never happened but I don’t know where DC is going to come down on his origin.

    • Ian Miller

      Well, I believe that Steph, at least at the time of her run as Batgirl, was Tim’s equal in hand-to-hand. She had been trained by Cass (who beat Shiva), Batman (as Robin), Black Canary (top martial artist in the DCU), Tim himself, and Oracle (trained by Richard Dragon, also a top martial artists in the DCU). She wasn’t Tim’s equal in strategy, but that’s not what the list was ranking. 🙂

      Duke was hilariously out of place, there. He’s been trained by Batman, sure…but he’s only been on the job for a few months. Spoiler’s been a hero for several months before the We Are Robins movement, so she’s got significant time in the cape on Duke. Plus, she’s been trained by Batwoman, Batman, Tim, and Eiko Hasigawa over in Catwoman.

      I personally kind of like Tim’s n52 origin, because I always hated how his parents died – his mom in a kinda skeezy story about evil black people, and his dad in a cheap tragedy.