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Episode 218

Join the gang as we cover the past two weeks of comics from the world of The Batman Universe. We cover the solicitations for May as well as a new series being announced. For in-depth reviews, we cover Batman #16 and Detective Comics #951. After Greater Gotham we introduce a new segment of the cast and wrap up with a few listener comments. Be sure to leave your thoughts below!


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  • Gerry Green

    Another great podcast guys. Thanks! I give it a perfect 5.3325 out of 7.

    I know that you like apes and stuff, Dustin, and although I love Detective Chimp my spirit animal is the mighty mighty Pangolin.

    As soon as you said ‘jump to conclusions’ my mind went right for the Office Space joke too. When Ed made the comment I did a fist pump. Not sure if Ed will be pleased to have a similar sense of humor as I do as there is a couch full of semi-professional eye-rollers here.

    Regarding your comments about Nightwing. I am not an expert on Tim Seeley’s work but from what I’ve seen plotting isn’t his strong point. The book has seemed weak and meandering. However, #16 has come out since the podcast was recorded and I just loved the relationship he writes between Damian and Dick. As snarky and aggressive as the youngster is he has great love and respect for Dick. There is a great panel where you can see Damian on his back with, uh, Richard in his face giving him a talking to. Great stuff.

    Because of his relationship with Damian I can see Grayson as a Father, though it will likely cause relationship issues between the two. Right now their dynamic is what Nightwing is about for me, not Deathwing or the Depantser or any of those horseheads. How will Dick take to Fatherhood and how will it affect his relationship with Damian? This is Seeley’s strength. I’m sure the next podcast will be full of discussion about the new daddy. While you discuss it please guys, be kind to Stella in this difficult time.

    • Ian Miller

      Were it not for my faith in the Bensons, I would say that Dustin and Ed have to be kind to Stella concerning this week’s Birds of Prey. But I trust them to make the story about the friendship of the Birds, and not about Helena and Babs fighting over Nightwing.

      I personally really doubt that they’re going to have Dick be a biological father – but I do hope that Seeley doesn’t resolve the issue by just killing Shawn off.