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Episode 219

With Ed out of town, Dustin and Stella are joined by the one and only Ian Prime. After covering the news, we review Batman #18 and Detective Comics #952. We discuss some of the major happenings in the Bat-Books including a certain pregnancy scare in one book. Monkey Watch 2017 returns after being an overnight success followed by comments from the listeners. Be sure to leave your comments below!


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  • Gerry Green

    Ian! Great job and great podcast. And yes, I can confirm that Ian was on top of the Olive/Amy mystery on Gotham Academy a few issues before the reveal.

    Monkey Watch? Out. Of. Control. By the way, there is a gorilla, Bingo, in the Banana Splits so the Suicide Squad cross over might be a good one for Dustin.

    Also, Dick and Babs’ relationship transcend continuity and Dan DiDio.

    See you in three weeks.

    • Ian Miller

      Aww, thanks, Gerry! 🙂 The reaction of all these whippersnappers (I am 30 now) to Didio being so positive because of his role as the public face of Rebirth, and his (to be fair, seemingly genuine) apologies during the announcement stream for Rebirth, is very confusing. I’m used to Didio being the chief target for all fan displeasure.

  • Another fun episode! While I missed Ed, I thought Ian did a great job in his place. Gerry, well said!

    What with Batman crossing paths with Elmer Fudd; a question to the panel. Is there any improbable team-up you’d like to see with Batman (or anyone in the Batman “family”) and another person or fictional character from any genre? Knowing that your next podcast will air in April; I now wonder if your responses may pass off as an April Fool’s.

    • Ian Miller

      I want to see Stephanie Brown teaming up with Robin Hood. She would be the Purple Hood! 🙂 I think Tim should team up with Richard III to prove his innocence against the evil Tudor propaganda, since he’s the world’s second greatest detective. And Cassandra should team up with Sherlock Holmes (the real one, not the fake BBC modern one) to fight the ninjas of a zombie Professor Moriarty! In Tibet! On skis! 🙂

      And thanks for your kind comments!

  • Dustin Fritschel

    From Kimberly Rockmore:

    With news that Warner Bros. is looking to make a solo Batgirl film directed by Joss Whedon, what are your thoughts on that first? But also there was word that the focus would be on her time as Batgirl in The New 52 by Gail Simone, which I know you guys have been critical of. What are your thoughts about that as well?