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Episode 22



In this episode Tim, Terence and Dane talk about their favorite Batman comic events, Uwe Boll and his terrible movies, Tom Hardy in Star Trek: Nemesis, Christian Bale calling a little kid, the comic solicitations for April, the 1966 Batmobile selling for $4.6 million, the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game and they cover all of the comics from the past two weeks.



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7 thoughts on “Episode 22

  1. Dan

    55 minutes in, Lotr conversation
    *insert hate mail here*
    Seriously rofl'ing over here.  Trying not to laugh out loud at work. 

  2. Terence

    This is like the Council of Dan, we will be the Fellowship to convert Dane to a Lord of the Rings fan. One Podcast to rule them all, one Podcast to bind Dane, one Podcast to bring Dane to the Darkness and bind him.  For the record my wife agrees with everything Dane said, but she keeps calling him Dwayne. 
    Here is the link to the Bats Don't Kill Website

  3. Terence

    Dan wanted me to make a correction
    Though correction (lest I look like an ignoramus among teh LotR community): Tolkien used the "v" rather than "f"  So he said "elven" not "elfin" which you mixed up during the podcast.  


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