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Episode 22: All Happy Families Are Alike

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We’ve reached the end of year one of Gotham and “The Batman Universe” Senior Editor Dustin has returned for a rematch with the show. Who will win, Dustin or Gotham? Is Fish dead? We’ve been calling Barbara a psycho frog all season, but now that she’s gone full killer how do we feel? Where do we go in year two? Will there be a year two for the podcast? Join Dustin, Don, Stella and Josh for a fun filled look at “All Happy Families Are Alike”


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  • Avery

    Ohhhhhh noooo!

    You have to keep the Gotham Podcast! Although maybe you should invite a Gotham lover (like myself) to balance it out! A little good cop bad cop action!

  • I have listened to all the episode, but haven’t commented on any because the hosts haven’t really made any factual errors in the podcast. Your commentary is clearly a reaction to what was presented and there is no sense in telling you what you should feel about the series.

    The story moved quickly for the first two or three episodes and then seemed to bog down until the season finale which I thought was rushed. At least, it moved well enough to keep me watching each episode.

    I’ll come back for a second season because I have hopes for more straightforward plotting. After her first plot to snare Falcone, Fish was wasted in strangely pointless subplots. The whole Dollmaker subplot looked like it could go somewhere, but nothing really happened.The gang war was set up, but it was over in a few montage sequences and the finale.

    I like your bantering. but confess to being confused by multiple references to Smallville. Walking Dead, Lost, Downton Abbey, Arrow and Flash. None of these are on my ‘must see’ list. Apparently, I do not speak the same dialect of pop culture reference you do. I’ll come back for a second season of commentary because you treat the material with an open mind and aren’t afraid to say when you are disappointed.

  • jonnywark

    Gotham isn’t the best show on TV, but you guys just totally slate it. You moan about everything, if you really hate that much, then stop watching it and let someone else who enjoys watching it do the podcast. You say that the best episodes are the one with fewer characters, then say they should have more background characters to flesh out the main characters, but then say whats the point of Cringle? She’s there to flesh out Enigma. You’re asking for the things you’re moaning about. You complain about more villians coming in, but the scarecrow episodes I thought worked well. What did you think the show would be? It’s a show about Gorden, did you not think you would see the villians becoming the villians we all know and love.

  • Albert V

    Come back for a season 2 podcast….I’ve listened to every episode…I’m surprised you guys made it the whole season to be honest lol…. Even as a batfan it was a tough watch…. I would hear my coworkers talk about how they loved the show, so I can vouch for it being a fun watch for the casual super hero genre fan… But it was a hate watch for me… It was tough to get through alot of the episodes…. Ohh how i despise fish mooney’s character…. . Sometimes i would watch only to be able to listen to the gotham chronicle podcast in all seriousness… I love that you guys are critical of it…just because your a fan of something doesn’t mean you have to love every iteration of it…. it is not a good show at this point but it could get better so thats a plus to come back for a second season…I’ve come to terms with it not being gotham central which I originally thought it would be… Josh your gordon voice always makes me laugh…. Babes *cough* i mean Tessa/stella i can always count on you to have a unique perspective…. Don you always find the funny in stuff, dont give up on us buddy…. Keep up the good work guys… I hope to be hearing you guys on the Gotham Chronicle Podcast this fall

  • John Mxyzptlk

    Although you guys mostly hated on the show all season long;

    John Mxyzptlk- “The Gotham Chronicle, has to come back”.
    The Batman Universe– “What if it doesn’t exist anymore”?
    John Mxyzptlk- “It must, it must”.

    To Dustin: It was weird hearing you laugh on this podcast episode. I didn’t know you were even capable of laughter. Good for you! But dude, Batman the Animated Series was totally set in an ambiguous time. Old school cars, old school clothes, hi-tech computers, artificial intelligence, advanced robots and weapons, etc. It’s okay if a live-action show tries to do the same thing. It’s kinda cool. Obviously you think the show is poorly written and terrible. But believe it or not, there are people who watched and enjoyed the first season of Gotham, that would disagree with you. And some of those people are just as passionate and knowledgeable about the Batman comic book canon, as you are. So stop hating!

    To Stella: Are you calling yourself Tessa al Ghul? Why? Has the name Stella gotten stale for you? And I’m pretty sure that you kept saying Barbara GORDON, instead of Barbara Kean, because deep down, you want Barbara to not be cured of her craziness, marry Jim Gordon, and give birth to the future Batgirl, Babs Gordon. Finally we agree on something! After all, there is a clock window in Barbara’s apartment. That’s definitely some foreshadowing to Oracle’s future headquarters.

    To Josh: Dude, Fish is DEAD! Deal with it!

  • Mary Garrett

    Another vote for season 2 of Gotham Chronicles! I looked forward to hear what you all thought of the episodes.

    I really thought that Barbara and the Ogre were going to be the perfect match! Normally a person couldn’t get rid of the girl once she was in their apartment. Suddenly, there are no longer any killings by the Ogre and they live happily ever after. My thought is that maybe she is pregnant with the Ogre’s baby and that is how James Jr. is born. I still don’t have a clue how they can possibly get James and Barbara back together. Maybe he’ll feel responsible for her which will alienate Lee.

    In the final scene with Bruce, they showed a head shot of the actor who’s portraying his father and I think he’s currently on General Hospital, playing the recently fired Police Commissioner. This leads me to believe we may be seeing some flash backs of what Thomas Wayne was doing under the manor. My theory is that he was investigating the corruption in Gotham City and just stored files down there to protect his family. Kind of like Batman without the costume and head knocking.