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Episode 222

We are back this time around to discuss solicitations and give full reviews for All-Star Batman #9, Detective Comics #955 and Batman #21, as well as The Flash #21 as we cover the first two parts of The Button. Stick around afterwards for our thoughts on the Archie Comics show Riverdale, a huge thought from Dustin on DC’s new streaming service and respond a ton of other fan comments. Be sure to leave your thoughts below!


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  • Joel Haas

    As always, thanks for the entertaining podcast.

    Just wanted to say ‘get well soon’ or ‘hope you are having great nights out partying’ to Stella/froggy, whichever is more appropriate for the preamble to this ‘cast.

    Also that I am with Dustin about the Crises. I like Batman – I don’t really get into much of the other DCU things and the events/Crises just make me not want to read comics. While I am reading the cross-over with the Flash that is because I like Batman and Jason Fabok is my favorite current comicbook artist.

    Thanks again,

  • Ian Miller

    Regarding the nano-napalm, Ulysses specifically says that after Rise of the Batmen, the Colony was officially rogue from the US government, and he started the project then, because he no longer had ethical oversight.

    I’m not sure if I should apologize for my book-length post last episode, but I stand behind every word I wrote! 🙂 Especially the parts about Tom King being good at structure.

    Get well soon, Stella!