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Episode 223

After a little bit of a delay, the gang is back to bring the comics news and reviews from the past three weeks including the finale to The Button. We cover All-Star Batman #10, Batman #22 and Detective Comics #956. The episode is rounded out with a few listener comments, so be sure to leave your thoughts below!


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  • Completely agree on The Button – I feel like it could have felt satisfying, but just having Batman “doubt” his mission is not an effect. The Tim Drake reveal seems like it should have been a solid, satisfying movement forward – even if it’s just a mention.

  • Dustin Fritschel

    From Gringo Starr:

    Seriously speechless at your review of the button. You guys just want everything at once. It’s a long play story. Nothing happened? Bruce stood face to face with his actual father and nothing happened are you freaking serious?

    Firstly I feel like both situations with Bruce and Thomas came across absolutely massive for me. I mean the whole batman ethos is based around Bruce and his parents and here’s Bruce standing in front of his dad having an interaction. Which i never really expected to happen, I thought reverse flash ripping up the letter was very emotional also. And then I really felt the gravity and effect at the end when Bruce was ignoring the bat signal and I think to write that moment off.

    Because ‘well we know Bruce isn’t going to stop being batman because he’s responsible for 65% of sales is cop out and unfair. By that logic what’s the point of reading at all we all know batman is just going to win in the end. I think with any literature you have to make a conscious decision to suspend disbelief and buy in to a certain extent. I really felt like those words and interaction had a huge effect on Bruce and Tom King has said we’ll be dealing with the flow on. In war of jokes and riddles I would consider reverse flash showing up, Thomas Wayne and Bruce and then Jay Garrick were pretty huge revelations even if being left. To fully explain later on, im enjoying the slow burn with the rebirth story line and I don’t feel like I needed a button (haha). On the end of it at this point, I like beefing out the mystery making it deeper and i genuinely can’t wait for the next bunch of crumbs.

    Did it give us specific answers? No but I really felt like it added a lot to the mystery and it’s almost like it’s pacing is in real time. I think if it was something like first issue reveals reverse flash, second issue Thomas Wayne, third issue Dr Manhattan is standing there. And fourth issue Tim Drake is revealed is just too much to quick. I think it will make sense more when more is revealed which is fine imo. At the end of the day maybe we don’t know much more about the actual quantum mechanics of rebirth but we had four really cool issues.

    With some really cool moments Bruce met his Dad, Thomas telling him not to be batman 😮 Batman and reverse flash fight and that issue with the clock counting down was sweet and then Jay Garrick showing up was awesome! At the end of the day I loved it and am even more excited to see what happens next than I was before it. Respect your opinions and love. The show, I think sometimes it’s one of those things where is hard to get excited for or by things when you’ve seen it all already. But it’s comics just gotta roll with it and see where it goes!!

    Sorry for the essay haha hope it makes sense hard to do this on twitter XD. I guess part of the problem so spoiler by cover but that’s a reality and damn we got some bad ass covers and I think it’s unfair to mark. It down because of that.

    Ok I think I’m done hahaha.