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Episode 224

After a quick two weeks, we are back to cover the solicitations for August, in-depth reviews for Batman #23 and Detective Comics #957, as well as covering the other happenings in The Batman Universe. You may not believe that it has been a year since Rebirth kicked off, but it has and we spend an extended time talking about the last year and the ups and downs of the initiative. All that and a few questions to round out the episode. Be sure to leave your thoughts below for us to cover on the next episode!


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  • Ian Miller

    I pretty much agree with your take on Rebirth – it’s a good direction producing good stories, but a few weaknesses – mostly that the long-form story isn’t really that engaging by itself, more conceptually interesting. Doomsday Clock sounds like it’s back on track, but The Button was just an advertisement for it, which is disappointing.

    I did want to say a bit about Steph’s current status quo. I appreciated that you didn’t rag on Tynion like a lot of review sites have, because I think he’s deliberately having Steph be inconsistent, if not outright hypocricital, by having her use Batman’s methods while claiming to be against Batman. I think Stella’s prediction that Steph will be shocked by something in the arc following Intelligence (featuring Azrael and Zatanna) that puts her on the path to reconciliation with Batman – and I hope that Tim’s return plays some part in that reconciliation, but that Tynion doesn’t go the lazy route of just having him make everything better. I don’t think he will, since this issue of Detective was very subtle in the way it parallels Steph’s philosophy with the villain’s philosophy, hinting at the tension in her worldview, but I’m waiting and seeing.