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Episode 230

The gang is here to cover the past two weeks of news and reviews including All-Star Batman #13, #Batman #29 and Detective Comics #963. After covering Greater Gotham, we dive into a listener question that has us sharing whether digital or hand drawn art is the most preferred type of art. Be sure to leave your comments below!


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  • I hope that if anything does happen between Anarky and Steph, it doesn’t lead to a triangle, since that type of plotline tends to make all characters involved unsympathetic.

    I found Tom King’s use of the formal dinner in Batman to be the first time this storyline has been satisfying to me. I really like seeing conscious craft at work. There’s always a danger of becoming too artificial, but so far, King tends to be best for me when his structure is the most carefully constructed. The framing of the actions in the issue being around the courses of the meal led to sense of completion without wasting space, unlike the constant flash forwards Bruce has been giving in the previous ones.

    When I was mentioning that Tomasi doesn’t like Cass, I wasn’t thinking about what happened with the new 52. I was reaching farther back, to when he was editor of Robin when Cass went evil for no good reason in Adam Beechen’s run. Additionally, when Cass was finally brought back to proper characterization and co-starring in Batman and the Outsiders by Chuck Dixon and then Frank Tieri, just after she’d been adopted by Bruce, Tomasi took over writing the book, and immediately dropped her completely with no explanation, right after she had assumed leadership of the group. I think he is adaptable, but he’s clearly shown he either dislikes or doesn’t understand Cass at very pivotal points in her history, and I would thus be very skeptical of him taking over Detective.

    You pose an excellent question about who should write Detective Comics instead. To which I answer: Christopher Priest. He’s doing incredibly complicated and mature storytelling with both Deathstroke and his Marvel Inhumans miniseries right now, and has said that Batman is a character he would write in a heartbeat if offered. He’s even hinted he’d like to tell some actual detective mystery stories in Detective Comics on his blog. Now, I think it’s extremely unlikely that any really solid writer would keep the same direction once Tynion left the book – what writer has ever just continued the status quo in the direction of their predecessor, unless they’re just doing a fill-in arc? Hopefully Tynion will get the chance to do all 66 issues, from 934 to 1000, and if he does, is able to spin off a Tim, Steph, and Cass title or titles, so that the new direction doesn’t leave them without a home again. But I think no matter what happens, we’re not going to see this team in the same status quo after Tynion leaves.

    Stella and Dustin bring up the important question of women writing Batman. Joelle Jones will be the third, not second, artist to draw Batman in the main title – after Becky Cloonan drew most of Batman #12, Bilquis Evely drew one of the stories in the Rebirth Batman Annual #1. Three female writers I would be interested purely on their previous work for either Batman or Detective Comics would be Devin Grayson, who is writing comics again over at Marvel after a long absence, Becky Cloonan as writer after working on Gotham Academy and The Punisher, and Genevieve Valentine after her run on Catwoman, a noir-inflected look at Gotham that I think would be great for Detective Comics. However, I am not supportive of hiring a writer because of something they cannot control, like their sex, race, etc. I think hiring Grayson, Cloonan, Valentine, or Priest would be a great choice because they are very strong writers, period. James Tynion and Tom King are doing excellent work on Batman and Detective, and the fact that they are both white men shouldn’t detract from that. Likewise, my opposition to Tomasi has nothing to do with his race or sex. To give a final example (which Stella may agree with me about – or not) – both Hope Larson and Gail Simone have not produced as satisfying a run on Batgirl (at least so far for Larson) compared to the Fletcher/Stewart and Dixon/Beatty teams.

    Lastly, on the question of digital vs. physical medium – I think it all depends on how well it’s done. I think each has elements that make it more clear how it was created, but it’s like trying to say whether oil or watercolor paints are better than each other.

    • Christian Jones

      Hey guys, thanks for all your work and dedication for this podcast. I always look forward to next episode.

      I really think you guys should be covering the Dark Nights Metal event, Batman Lost written by Snyder, and Batman Who Laughs written by Tynion on this comic cast. This story is too big and crazy awesome not too!! I know this is a DCU event but it’s Batman centric and will have huge ramifications for TBU in the future.

      Myself and I’m sure other fans would love to hear your opinions(especially Ed’s haha), speculations, and analysis on this event and how it will effect TBU. Please cover Dark Nights Metal 1 and 2 next episode!

      Thanks again!

  • Ian Miller

    With the announcement that Priest is doing Justice League, I think there’s a real chance DC will hand off their hot seats for Tec or Batman to him once King and Tynion are done (in like a decade 😉 )