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Episode 231

With solicitations just around the corner, DC announces a few new creator shifts for December and we discuss that and details on this year’s Batman Day. We review Batman #30 and Detective Comics #964 as well as cover Greater Gotham. We have a hearty discussion about Dark Nights: Metal, which seems to be a title that at least one of hates. Listener questions round out the episode, so be sure to leave your thoughts and comments below!


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  • Great discussion on the Tec arc. Hadn’t thought of shrinking Clayface’s part – two one shots seems like it might have been better for pacing. Or maybe a main story and a backup, instead of trying to crunch the two together.

    Impressed with Stella for thumbs upping the temporary derailment of her OTP. 🙂 I am also a longterm Babs/Dick shipper, but I enjoy the connection that Dick and Helena make – though I’m really confused about how it’s supposed to fit with what’s happening in Batgirl right now.

    Totally on board with Stella – very irritated about Zinda being replaced. So unnecessary. It’s not like the Blackhawks have been really playing an important role.