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Episode 232

Two weeks can certainly bring a range of emotions for some titles. With the return of Tim Drake in Detective Comics #965, we spend a good amount of time discussing the return as well as focusing on the penultimate issue of of War of Jokes and Riddles with Batman #31. We spend some time talking about our hopes and expectations for Selina’s answer to Bruce’s proposal and discuss the issue with titles having the same main characters, but having them in different places emotionally. Be sure to leave your comments below.


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  • Firstly, I want to say thank you for all the work you guys put into making this website and all its content. I’ve been plowing through Bat Books for Beginners, and I plan on tackling some of the others after. It’s all been really great. I have just started getting into comics for this first time in my life since July this year, so if my comments or theories seem wholly uniformed, they are.

    Since Rebirth a bunch of very strange stuff has obiously happened, primarily by reintroducing the original Wally West into a world that doesn’t know him, but then magically does again. Wally seems to believe that more memories will be altered even further in the future (by Dr. Manhatten?) I don’t follow Flash at all, so this all comes from my understanding of different explanations of these stories. But, by and large, it appears that some of the characters have memories of different universes, and it stands to reason, would there from COME from different universes.

    The new Superman, who we already know isn’t this world’s [Earth Prime’s] Superman, comes from a different universe (New Earth?), and appears to have different memories of Batman, mentioning Rainbow Batman (Detective Comics Vol 1 #241, Earth One?), to which Bruce claims no memory. This however could have been denial (aka lying) in the face of shame, or, as already mentioned, they aren’t from the same universe, so maybe this event happens in NewSuperman’s universe, but not in PrimeBatman’s.

    We now also have Tim meeting a future BatTim who would come from a different time and possibly a different universe where he becomes evil/more violent/gun toting.

    Bruce and Selina, in Batman Rebirth #15, recount their first meeting, which differ. Bruce remembers meeting on a boat (Earth 2, Batman Vol 1 #1, Golden Age) and she remembers meeting in the street (New Earth, Batman Vol 1 #404, Batman: Year One). This leads me to believe that these two characters are not from the same universe.

    My theories to add to your discussion about why Bruce told Selina the “War of Jokes and Riddle” even though she was in it:

    Theory 1. Batman is the world’s greatest detective. Is it possible that he’s already figured the “Different People, Different Universes” thing out, and that is why he was telling Selina the story with her parts in it, because she either may not remember or remember it differently, because he knows this isn’t his original Selina. (The part where she admits to lying to him (#28) in the story could be her guess as to what she would do, because she is probably still very similar to the Catwoman in the story). He may have decided to start a relationship with this version of Selina because she’s all he had.

    Theory 2. Batman isn’t a big talker. It’s possible he’s kept most of this story a secret from her and has only ever shared with her the permanent details that she needed. He included her in the story, because, well I like hearing my parts in a epic story, maybe she does, too. Also, it might help her get an idea of when certain things happened by tying into things they did together as a reference.

    My theory as to how the marriage/engagement won’t last:
    If they are in fact people from different universes, and Doomsday clock is about to start, will the multi-verse “fix” itself or it will get even more broken, and the two of them will be separated somehow. Your thoughts?