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Episode 234

Two more weeks brings everyone out to want to discuss the pro’s and con’s of War of Jokes and Riddles as well as Tom King’s run in general. We review Batman #33 and Detective Comics #967 as well as cover Greater Gotham. But the main point of talk is all about Tom King. Be sure to leave your comments below!


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  • Dustin Fritschel

    From Brett:


    Would’cha look at that? I was right!!!! If you got to read TK Batman this week, Bat and Cat were not looking for Talia they were looking for Holly Robinson to clear cats name! Called it!!!

    Boom!!! Mic drop!!!


    Every time I see the name Holly Robinson I think about Holly Robinson Peete, who was on Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper… do you remember her? Married to Rodney Peete the football player???

    Have a great week TBU crew!!!

  • Ian Miller

    Very interesting discussion of the current state of the Batman title under Tom King. I have to admit, I am enjoying the current Batman title a lot more under King’s pen than under either Snyder or Morrison’s hands. While I do agree that War of Jokes and Riddles is very weak, the overall storyline with Catwoman is something that I’m really enjoying, whereas the overall storylines of Snyder and Morrison I didn’t. Morrison did institute the whole period of Batman Reborn and Batman Incorporated, both of which were status quos that I loved, but his actual writing I can’t stand. Snyder is an excellent writer, but his stuff almost never pays off at all in the long run, and his voice for Batman doesn’t ring true at all for me (not to mention his voice for almost everyone else, particularly the villains).

    I know Dustin was really not enjoying the Superheavy period of Snyder’s run (somewhat amusingly, that was probably the part of Snyder’s run I enjoyed most, because I didn’t have the problem with Bruce’s voice the whole time :). How do you think the current Tom King status quo compares to the JimBats status quo in terms of your enjoyment (and not looking back at JimBats knowing when it would end – being one or two issues into the JimBats era with no clue how long Snyder would stretch it out)? Do you think this is really a low point in the Batman title for your reading experience and enjoyment, and do you think it will damage your investment in the characters and universe? (I hope not! At least we have Detective!)

  • Evan G

    I know that you guys hate Azrael, but I feel much the same way about Iron Batman. If we had to lose just one person, I’d pick Luke. Especially now that Tim’s back, he really doesn’t add anything to the team. I haven’t read anything pre-Rebirth with memorable Batwing in it, so I don’t even know if he’s ever been anything other than a Tony Stark ripoff.
    Either way, I’m so happy Tim’s finally back. I’ve stuck with Detective Comics this whole time knowing he’d be back, and I’ve enjoyed some of the arcs since his “death” but now that he’s back I’m once again #AllIn.
    That being said, as much as I like him as part of this Gotham Knights team, I still think he deserves a solo book again, or at least a book he shares with Steph. Other than Tynion, who do you think is a reasonable choice for a Red Robin Rebirth book? Chuck Dixon is probably my first choice since he knows the character very well.

    • I like Azrael and Batwing, and don’t want either to leave. 🙂 (Also, I think Batwing is way better than the Signal.)

      Dixon is definitely a good choice for a Tim or Tim and Steph or Tim and Steph and Cass book. Seeley could also do a good job.

      For Dustin – I also bought a bunch of cereal to get the comic book tie-ins for Batman v. Superman – and they were pretty good. Instead of really obscure writers and artists, they got pretty top talent – Josh Williamson (Flash, Justice League v Suicide Squad, The Button), Marguerite Bennett, and Christos Gage to write them, and Marcus To (Nightwing, Red Robin) and Eduardo Pansica (Batman Eternal, Green Lanterns) on art. I’m kinda disappointed that they didn’t do another round of comics in cereal for Justice League, though I guess they did do a version of that this summer (which I also purchased).

  • Thanks guys for answering my last comment. I just don’t know if I can make it through 76 more issues of Tom King’s Batman. I don’t understand how Tom King gets a free pass when he gives readers a bare bones story that we have to fill in the blanks. I’m not getting fooled by the wow factor moments that keep getting jammed together without any connective tissue…he is treating readers like simpletons who are distracted by shiny objects while he laughs at them. This has been a problem throughout Tom King’s run on Batman. Batman still hasn’t told anybody(except for Barry) about his encounter with his father for the last 14 issues. Why have Alfred bring Jason and Duke to tell them that Bruce is engaged with Catwoman, when there not even going to help their father/mentor and find out what’s happening with him other than just to have their reactions? I guess everybody is ok with Batman carrying a shotgun right? I think Tom King has good concepts but terrible execution especially the dialogue and the constant repetition that adds nothing to the story.
    In this issue we get bad dialogue between Batman and Catwoman and lack of concern when she takes the sword out of Bruce. No “Sorry Bat”, or “Sorry Babe I have to do this” just yanks the sword out making the injury worse. I hope Dick and Damain intervene to stop the fight and not have Selina defeat Talia all by herself when she’s extremely exhausted and should not be able to put up a fight with Talia. In the end I understand that I’m in the minorty and all of this is subjective, I really want to enjoy Tom King’s Batman and eat my own words about his writing and blow away all my complaints of his run so far hopefully.
    Also, according to Batman Lost, the Hush storyline is canon so how does Catwoman not know who Talia is? Is Tom King retconning Hush or is this part of the Doomsday Clock story and all the different timelines?