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Episode 236

Three weeks has brought some really good releases. Sales numbers for October are covered along with solicitations for February. We review Batman #35, Batman Annual #2 and Detective Comics #969. After covering Greater Gotham there are some discussion point brought up by listeners. How long smart Bizarro should be around for? Was Gotham Resistance too rushed? Should Catwoman have been able to beat Talia? Has the Metal event sucked the life out of the other titles? Are there too many future versions of characters floating around? All this and a ton more. Be sure to leave your thoughts and comments below.


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  • Does you think that the Batman Eternal backstory, where Selina is the daughter of Rex Calabrese, and her time as a Mafia don, are still in continuity? 🙂 The Helena Wayne of the Batman Annual seems to be Batwoman, not Huntress, though. I hope this year’s annual will win an Eisner.

    Regarding who betrays the team in Tec – I don’t think that “too obvious” is going to stop Tynion. I love the guy – he’s definitely my current favorite Bat-writer – but he’s never shied away from the obvious. 🙂 As for Steph, I think it’s clear Tynion’s not dismissing her issues. Solicits clearly say that she’s going to have conflict in the next issue. I definitely don’t think they’re going to have Steph fight against the team, since they already did that plot at the end of the Victim Syndicate. Clayface was in Arkham to see Glory/Mudface, as we’ve seen that several times over the past year. Tec was a lot more controversial than I thought it would be. A lot of the issues really feel to me like setup for future story, like Steph rejoining the team, and the Ratcatcher thing is a mistake, but since I haven’t been reading Mother Panic, I didn’t notice.


    I didn’t hate Doomsday Clock, but I didn’t love it either (a little too much setup, not enough actually happening yet). I love Stella being so cranky about it. Stay the course, Stella! (I also agree that Metal is vastly overrated.)

    Batman: Creature of the Night also didn’t do anything for me. I love Superman: Secret Identity, but this didn’t feel like a solid enough story to me yet.

    I’m happy to hear Dustin enjoyed the Super Sons Annual. I smiled when I read Detective Chimp in it, thinking of him.

    New Talent Showcase was really underbaked. They really shouldn’t publish these, especially at 10 dollars. There are lots of characters, sure, but the stories are just mediocre. Even (maybe especially) the Snyder Wonder Woman story. That thing didn’t even have an ending!

    You should do a poll of Top Rebirth series on the site!

    I think we have a serious problem in terms of editorial at this time, because we actually don’t seem to have a Bat Office anymore, with the departure of Mark Doyle. You have Jamie Rich editing Batman, and Chris Conroy editing Tec, and both of them editing various titles in the Bat books.

    I agree that the crossovers are good for sales (though as Dustin wisely points out, just temporarily), but what you say is exactly what I’m talking about. Batman getting engaged should be the event that gets fans talking, that DC uses to get more sales. I think saying that Metal breathing life into the universe would require that we see impact on more than just sales. The only thing Metal is breathing life into story-wise is the Metal one-shots and crossovers.

    I was hoping that I could cut this down more. 🙁

    • Bret Marzock

      That’s the problem: there is always so much to talk about. It’s hard to cut down when, the books are pretty good, the reviews and poscasters have good questions, and the storylines are flowing.

      Batman annual 2: he will get an Eisner for. I’d bet a pats cheese steak on that.

      However, I believe it was Chris in the comments below that sent me to Gotham by Geek to listen to the interview by TK, which you should check out if you haven’t. I feel like he implied some other cool things in his discussion. He never came out and said this but it seemed like he hinted at it to me.

      1) Cass wasn’t in the picture for a reason at the end of the issue. Why, he didn’t elaborate but he slid that comment in the discussion.

      2) he implied that this story may not be taking place on our earth 1( prime) whatever you want to call it earth. Maybe the story even switches from our earth in the beginning to another earth at the end. So this future isn’t canon in my opinion.

      I agree on detective. I think it will also be obvious.

      To me Doomsday Clock was amazing! I don’t mind the set up. We’ve waited this long for answers already so I can wait longer. And I loved Watchmen so I’m cool with it being a continuation of the story. The art was mega level good too! My only hate on it is having to wait on the next issue!!!

      I’m with Ed on Creature of the night. It just didn’t do it for me.

      Talent showcase was meh. And yes the Wonder Woman story never ended.

      I’m down with a poll of top Rebirth!!!

      It seems like editorial is a problem. And people who read a ton of comics are the ones that see the continuity issues, like a rat catcher for example. But if you don’t read everything, than you don’t notice. In a perfect world story would be fantastic with no continuity issues. But, it seems like that’s impossible. Which would you rather, better story with ok continuity… or flawless continuity with ok story?

      I love metal as well mainly because it’s just fun. As for giving artist and writers timecto breath, you guys are all correct. There was a time when a metal book was out weekly. And some of those writers and artists are working on biweekly books. The art and story definitely suffered in the cross overs no doubt. The main book by Snyder however does not appear to be suffering to me. But I don’t think he is working on anything else.

      As for Cutting down on comments, it’s again SO difficult to do that. There is so much going on in DC right now from the movies, to comics, to tv and cartoons, there is too much to talk about. Which in my opinion is amazing!!!! That’s a really good thing!!!

      And to everyone that enjoys the pod, I apologize for writing in long winded items. I’m not offended if all my questions aren’t all read on air. I truly am not offended and understand that it’s your show, your time. So, please don’t feel bad. I appreciate that Dustin attachs the email to the comments so if anyone really cared and wanted to read my thoughts they could if they want.

      Anyway, nice comment Ian, nice pod! Keep it up!

  • Jéssica Nilo

    I only managed to listen to this after I got home, but thanks for the wishes, Ed! Not only does CCXP have the world’s biggest attendance, it also has the biggest Artist Alley. And talking about it, while Takara was sketching a Cass for me, Maiolo, who is the colorist for Chang, came to talk to him for a while. I asked Takara if he would be coming back to Detective – he’s been invited, but he’s taking a breather -, and Maiolo took the cue and started a conversation with Takara about how he’s currently overworked and, in his words, “with Nightwing now being twice a month, I’m so eff-ed”. From that I guess we can assume DC considered making it a monthly title but ended up keeping it bimonthly for now, which might explain why Chang is alternating issues with other artists.

    Also, Doomsday and Creature are mah babies and I’ll protect them with my life. Joking aside, I can see how they are love-it-or-hate-it issues, and it was quite enjoyable to hear you guys giving such radically opposite reviews on those.

    • Bummer for me on Takara not coming back to Tec for a while – he’s definitely one of my favorite artists working (though not quite as high on my list as Marcus To 🙂 ), but I totally understand wanting to be able to take time on an arc. The double shipping is brutal on the creative teams. I feel about Tec the same way you feel about Doomsday and Creature. 🙂

      As for the monthly thing, comments from Rucka, King, and now Maiolo indicate to me that DC is going to keep the double-shipping titles until they sell below a certain threshold. I’m really curious what that threshold is – for Nightwing, I’d guess it will be around 20,000. For something like Wonder Woman, I hope they cut it off around 30,000, since I’d like the Big Three to be held to a higher sales standard than the attached titles, to keep the brands as pillars. For Batman…eh. I’m not sure we’re going to see that one change, unless it dips below 80,000. And honestly, I think it’s more likely that they’ll just keep it that way for the next ten years, switching creators to get a sales bump, rather than dropping it to monthly again.