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Episode 237

Just in time for the holidays, the Comic Cast is here as your excuse to get away from the relatives. Sit back as we discuss the past two weeks worth of news, review Batman #36 and Detective Comics #970, and discuss a variety of topics. We also give further details on the holiday giveaway, so help out the site by giving on Patreon. Be sure to leave your comments below!


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  • Gerry Green

    Hi all, terrific podcast as usual. Enjoyed the passionate discussion. My thoughts on the main Batman book:

    From the start of Rebirth I had been reading Batman every two weeks like a good little Batfan and was starting to hate-read it. Somewhere around the beginning of the War of Jokes and Riddles I gave up but continued to buy the book. Two weeks ago I did a marathon catch up and I enjoyed the story much much more. I think Tom King’s run will read much better in trade.

    With Batman, I am reading stories about a billionaire that puts on a cape, cowl, and tights to swing around on ropes and fight crocodile men and various intergalactic menaces. Saying something bothers me because it is unrealistic is a bold and subjective stand. I am willing to overlook things in proportion to how much some aspect of the story appeals to me. Personally, I am drawn to compelling relationships more than flying and punching. Reading 10 issues or so of Batman in one sitting I realized the War of J&R wasn’t about Joker and Riddler but about Bruce and Selina. I was able to overlook all the wildly unrealistic actions and motivations of the War players because of how well the BatCat relationship is being developed.

    After the War the questions continued: Why was Holly Robinson with Talia? How was Selina, a swashbuckling neophyte, able to defeat the worlds most dangerous swordsperson? But when Talia said to Bruce “I like her” I forgave it all. These moments Tom King gives us is worth all his clumsy plot machinations for me. I can understand that folks who focus on the fighting or are invested in the continuity could hate this stuff, and if I wasn’t getting my wheelhouse it would bother me too.

    17 issues of Rules of Engagement sounds awesome. Maybe I could get a Tom King written Batfamily Brady Bunch Book while others get the Metal inspired badbutt Batman fighting trans-dimensional porcupines and stuff. Make everyone happy.

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  • NoDeuces

    RE: Batman 36 – I normally completely disagree with Stella. The Joker is great, Death in the Family is Great, Metal is Great and Doomsday is super great. Batman 36 is an incredible book. I loved it. Dustin, YOU. ARE. WRONG. (for once). PS: twitter @nodeuces was merked for threatening a white supremacist. But as Luke Skywalker told us, no one is ever truly gone.

    • I think you mean Ed was wrong? I praised the book and just wait for me to go on about how good #37 was.

      • NoDeuces

        Fixed. Sorry. I was driving. It is great. When I love a book like this, I create eBay alerts for the title, number and CGC in hopes of snagging a graded copy.

        • No problem. I just was thinking I might have given it a review from an alternate universe.

  • Jéssica Nilo

    I’ll just start by saying that caffeine is your friend, Stella, embrace it. Micronaps not as much, they will murder your capacity to think straight. As someone who once went overboard with the whole no-sleep-only-caffeine thing and ended up, well, slightly overdosing on the damn thing, I do agree that Tim reaching a breaking point due to burnout might make an interesting plot point.

    As predicted, I did love the episode.

    Ed, I’m sorry to say, you are a bit lonely on that field, but at the same time I did find issue #36 a tad boring. But again, those interpersonal stories are what King is good at. Short, one or two-issues story arcs, heavy with emotion. I’m glad his Batman is finally steering towards that. As of now, Batman and Nightwing are back on my top titles, with Detective losing a few positions. Tynion has been losing steam.
    I know we’ve only gotten to read two issues of Humphries and Chang, but the tone they set was absolutely on point in my opinion, and I’m already more invested in the new support characters than I was on Shawn and the – I can’t even remember what the name of the group was. Also Raptor, the self-proclaimed arch-nemesis, who’ll never be the arch-nemesis because he was built with all of the wrong motivations.