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Episode 238

We kick off the new year with a look at the last two weeks of 2018. Detective Comics #971 and Batman #37 are reviewed. Despite having issues with his voice, Dustin leads the charge on the news from the past two weeks as well as making sure Ed is alone on his neutral feelings of the recent Batman run. Stella also gets her due too, so be sure to leave your thoughts below!


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  • Right on, Ed, my man, for remembering that Steph’s Batgirl run is being collected! At long last, people can buy her amazing series for a reasonable price!

    I think Stella’s point about the Victim Syndicate and long-term storytelling is well made. I personally think that if Tynion does not give us at least some answers about the First Victim, especially given how psychopathic they are turning out to be, it’s going to be a real weakness. I didn’t mind their first appearance, since I like the psychological warfare aspect of the arc, but it’s currently not satisfying without knowing more. As for Mudface, I hope the upcoming Detective Comics Annual is going to have some part of that backstory, since it’s a Clayface flashback issue.

  • Corbin Pool

    I, for one, appreciate the hour-hour & a half range in running time. Over two hours gets a bit much for me.
    I usually listen to the podcast while pushing dents out of cars (my day job). Recently, it hasn’t been that fun, as it’s been pretty cold here in Oklahoma & I’ve been pretty sick recently, but with the help of TBU & a nice cup of coffee I’m able to keep warm enough.

    • Oh, yes, I forgot about this question! I listen on the android podcast app Podcast Addict. Every now and then, when I’m doing mindless paperwork, I’ll listen using the site or youtube, but on my phone it’s always the app. Usually it’s a commute thing, or while I’m playing video games (because I like to take notes for my lengthy comments ;).

  • Jéssica Nilo

    There was one detail from Batman #37 that caught my attention and ended up not being mentioned. When Selina and Lois are sharing that flask, by the end of that scene, Lois tells Selina that she is “too young” to get married. Seeing that Rebirth-Bruce is not exactly too-young-to-marry, would you guys say that this Rebirth-Selina is younger than him?

    About the podcast, I listen to it on iTunes. By the way, I actually enjoy lengthy podcasts, since I listen to them while working – basically making technical drawings, listening to people talking helps me stay focused for 4 to 6 hours of boring lines on a black background.

    • Donovan Morgan Grant

      I think Selina has generally been younger than Bruce by a year or two. Not to a great degree, she’s usually within his age range, but I’ve always presumed that year or two’s difference in distinction.

  • I listen on Podcast Republic for BBfB, BM Comic Universe Podcast, and Everyone Loves the Drake. I listen on the website for other ones that seem interesting or for commentary specials.