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Episode 26


Welcome back to part 2 of Robin III: Cry of The Huntress. Tom Panarese is back again as we discuss the six issue miniseries. This would be the final miniseries before Tim would get his own on-going proper solo series. What did we think of the story 20 years later? Well the answer is right around the corner. Welcome to Robin: Everyone Loves… Taking Flight part 2.


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  • Hey Rob! Great episode buddy! Giving some love to the Huntress this episode! You guys talked about not digging Huntress’ costume in this miniseries. I have to agree, it feels like a much older costume than even some of the strange and downright horrendous costumes of this time. I know this isn’t a Tim Drake question, but what’s your favorite Huntress costume style? I dug her costume in Hush overall. Would you guys rather these kind of costumes be more toned down like how she was in Arrow, or on the more exaggerated end of the spectrum like she generally is?

    Alright now to give some love to THE DRAKE!! WOO! How do you guys feel about this shaved head style of Robin in the Arkham series? I think he’s cool looking overall but wish they went a little more with the Red Robin style of Teen Titans with those sweet wings! I was pondering the idea that what if they revealed that this Robin from Arkham Knight wasn’t actually Tim Drake and that the Arkham Knight ended up being a twisted version of the character, traveling more along the lines of a Jason Todd like character!? It’s a big stretch but if it could be revealed that it was THE DRAKE as the Arkham Knight how would you guys write the story? Great ep with Tom joining as well! Awesome convo fellas!

    Giving mad love to The Drake,

    Jaime McGoooooooooooooooooo

  • Rob

    getting ready to edit the next episode and i will address your questions there… thanks my friend… this will be a Arkham Drake show!