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Episode 26: Death in the Family Review/Fan Casting Part 9

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Join us this episode as we discuss the latest Batman v Superman news including the announcement of an R-rated director’s cut, the latest TV spots and product tie-ins, and a children’s book detailing the backstories to the Batcave, Alfred, and various Bat-gadgets. We also debate the merits for DC’s Rebirth announcement as well as the planned Suicide Squad sequel. Finally, we review 1988’s Death in the Family in our Bat-Book Club segment and debate our picks for the ninth installment of our ongoing Bat-Fan Casting series.


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  • derek green

    I love the Dark Knight Rises ! That’s my favorite Of the trilogy! That whole trilogy is great.

  • derek green

    I also wanna say I love batmans suit in the trilogy!!! I really like your guys show though!

  • derek green

    have you guys reviewed court of owls? It was the first batman story I read when I came back to comic books and I love it. if not can I request it.

  • Joe Wapo

    Just saw your comments, Derek. Definitely plan on doing Court of Owls. Appreciate the feedback.