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Episode 27



In this episode Tim, Dane, and Terence are joined by Mike from the Flash-back podcast to talk about underrated Batman comics, actors, and animated series episodes, Tim going to Wondercon, Carrie Kelley appearing in the main Batman continuity, the Justice League movie, and cover the comics from the past two weeks!



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  1. Terence

    Some info (via wikipedia.org) for the upcoming Plastic Man Podcast

    artist Ethan Van Sciver has an affinity for the character as he always toys with the idea of launching a regular monthly Plastic Man series and often draws him for fun, and Frank Miller, who included him in the Justice League in the comics All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder and Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again.

    The New 52

    In this timeline of The New 52, Plastic Man is considered as one of the candidates for the United Nations-sponsored Justice League International. He is denied a spot on the team for being too unpredictable


    In Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again (2001—2002), Frank Miller's miniseries now set on DC's new Earth-31, Plastic Man was betrayed and locked in Arkham Asylum for years with his body forced into a perpetual egg-like shape (alluding to a container of Silly Putty) by a pressurizing machine. The imprisonment and confinement drove him insane, and upon his release he lashed out at those around him. He fights Elongated Man, having the upper hand until Batman brings Plastic Man to his senses with a punch to the face. Batman declares that Plastic Man is the most powerful superhero in the room. Carrie Kelly (as Catgirl) describes him as being: "Immeasurably powerful. Absolutely nuts." In this continuity, he appears with silver hair and the occasional wrinkle. In All Star Batman and Robin, also written by Miller. Plastic Man has only appeared in issue #5, where he is a founding member of a proto-Justice League, along with Wonder Woman, Superman, and Green Lantern Hal Jordan. He constantly changes shape and cracks jokes, and other members repeatedly tell him to "shut up".





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