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Episode 27


Welcome to this special edition of Robin: Everyone Loves the Drake Podcast. This episode is simple, we will be talking a look at Tim in the Arkhamverse and talk Batman: Arkham Knight. Be sure to leave your thoughts on the episode below!


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  • Ashley Cronk

    great episode Rob (maybe your best yet)

  • Ian Miller

    Haha, over a year later, but I wanted to add my favorite Huntress costume is Nicola Scott’s non-belly-window update to Jim Lee’s design, as seen in the 2007-2008 Birds of Prey books. She went back to the stupid belly window in 2009, but then Cully Hamner did another redesign in 2010 that I didn’t like quite as much (the shoulder pads weren’t my favorite), but was still pretty good (that one showed up in the Convergence: The Question miniseries by Rucka and Hamner, though Huntress herself didn’t do anything but look cool – a big flaw in an otherwise excellent series).