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Episode 28: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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Please join Joe, Daniel and Jimi for an in depth discussion and analysis of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. We encourage you to write down your objections to anything we say, and then stuff them in your mouth.


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4 thoughts on “Episode 28: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

  1. derek green

    I love the trilogy. But I did love Ben afleck in this movie. The depiction is gea. I think Jeremy Irons Alfred was really the highlight however. He is the James Bond version , which I love. But I think Ben Afleck can make a great movie. He is a batman fan , I just imagine a “the town” version of Batman. What Batman Story lines would Like to See Ben Afleck use? I think the Trilogy will be hard to beat but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t make a great movie however. I hope The directors cut is better though honestly.

    1. derek green

      I should have said I hope the directors cut version of Baman v Superman is better. Sorry I get excited talking about batman and don’t make sense haha.

  2. derek green

    o and superman knew were batman was from the bat signal. They had a whole scene between batman and superman that didn’t really make a lot of sense , but superman told batman if the bat signal was on again he would beat him up pretty much.

  3. derek green

    I think Snyder is talented too to be honest. He has a great vision and does awesome action. I think he would have been better on justice league than this movie though. This movie should have been a little more character and story set-up. But justice league would have been perfect for him with prior set-up. I think Goyer is good though. And I heard Geoff johns is working with Afleck. But something really needs changed.

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